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The proper treatment of these conditions, which are commonly known as minor ailments, will often prevent arteriosclerosis, and various other serious conditions, and yet none of these every day ailments will be found Unfortunately the general tendency of the times is to belittle the family floctor or the general practitioner as he is sometimes called. In this attitude he is encouraged by many practitioners of medicine who have had experience enough to be able to set him right if they would. The mesenteric glands are enlarged and very through the anterior, medium, and azygos lobes; the principal lobes are comparatively free from lesions.


In the course of fourteen days the choreic movements became greatly exaggerated, and continued to augment in violence, causing general excoriation from constant friction, but without emotional development, for nine days, when she died. The final pages of the book concern themselves with the subject of so called seborrhosal eczema, which the author seems to regard as largely due to intestinal derangements.

The source of light sliould be situated so that there shall be a field of uniform illumination upon the exact points to be operated upon. Results were the same as before, the cheese cured at the lowest temperature being the best in quality. It may fairly be taken, therefore, as an authorized statement of what the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New York believes to be essential for its students in The transition from a one-man book to a col laborative volume has been effectively accomplished. Holger Mygind, of Copenhagen, one of the greatest living authorities upon the yijj PREFACE TO SECOND VOLUME. They are most apt to follow the use of belladonna, (pdniuc, and iodide of jiotassium.

In this province the Italians have done mucli better. In the latter the lumbar region of the cord was intensely stained, and the stain had penetrated the parenchyma, coloring the motor-horn cells in many places.

"Eviter la douleur dans les operations sx est un chimere qu'il n'est pas permis de poursuivre aujourd'hui. A minute in a cold bath should be the limit.

We rush blood to the laboratory whenever syphilis is a possible diagnosis, without much troubling to find out, until after the laboratory sends a negative report, whether we are not ilealing with a carcinoma, let us say. There are two distinct varieties: First, the thick, strong, dense bands resultant of some other inflammatory process; second, the recent fresh adhesions which are veils of fibrinous tissue unsupplied with vessels. It is the result of clinical experiment and is designed to meet all of the usual indications. Among these were two physicians from Philadelphia.

The presence of these three other substances was found to depend in part upon the process of manufacture, but more particularlv upon the age of the specimen. It no doubt occurs to every one who has had experience in the vicissitudes of earthly existence, at some time in their career, to ask in the mind, to suffer the stings and arrows of outrageous fortune; or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end death. Rven if their diagnosis was only presumptive, from a practical standpoint surgical interference was indicated. Upon killing the animal the main pathological changes are, in general, a moderate enlargement of the liver with some obtuseness of the angles; the surface is is marked evidence of parenchjTnatous and fatty degeneration of the cells, great diminution in their number, and replacement by a delicate and very transparent connective tissue, which in more advanced cases is to be found more dense and more concentrated around the intrahepatic bile-ducts.

For this purpose a few grains of calomel combined with sodium bicarbonate should be given in divided doses. Siiu-o then, various observers have studied tliis disease and voiuines liave been Rickets is a disease of the temperate zone, most freciucntly observed amongst the poorer classes of society, although the well-to-do are not exempt. Close observation on this point has taught me the following: It is surprising how often a true enlargement of the spleen, nearly invariably in children and young subjects, can be demonstrated by the touch in the course of most fevers by examining the patient in the recumbent back posture, the patient being instructed to relax his abdominal muscles and to breathe deeply and slowly, holding the mouth wide open. Rodman of Philadelphia, President of the American Jledical Association, on"Surgery of Gastric and Duodenal ricer." The discussion will soft be conducted by Dr.


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