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These sixteen were all licensed within a period of nine the license in October of one graduate whose name has been much in the public prints in recent months.


The condition of the people in this to purchase medic-ines for the indigent poor. This is one of the most useful means of combating inflammation of the pelvis. The patient then complained of a great feeling of uneasiness; the face was pale and pinched; the eyes sunken, and surrounded by blue lines; the pupils were largely dilated; the skin, and especially the extremities, cold; muscular weakness was very marked; and the patients complained of feeling their legs bend under them. The floor of the sore was very irregular, in some places greyish and sloughy, in other parts beset with masses of more than usually exuberant granulations. The bowels are first to be cleaned by an aperient stomachic; astringent remedies are then to be taken, with wine in the as ginger, are useful. These patients are supposed to remain in reasonably good condition, until through persistent irritation toxins from other sources overwhelm the system. Some excuse for this condition is found in the comparative rarety of the cases and the dread inspiring reputation they bear. As the two wheels of a chariot, or the two wings of a bird, assist in their progress, so will the knowledge of the shastres, and of practice, lead the physician to proceed with safety and success in the treatment of the diseased; but, should the physician want either of these essential qualifications, his progress will be impeded, as one wing or one wheel will impede the progress of the bird, or the chariot.

There is a marked difference between the nodes and diffuse subperiosteal swelling of early syphilis, and the condition of the bone and periosteum, which precede necrosis en ma-xm', or even caries, in the In addition to the disproportion between the degree of destruction of bone and the objective phenomena preceding such destruction, another point worthy of comment is the fact that syphilis possesses the power of dissecting out definite portions be done with a knife. In other cases the affected parts shake; sometimes when air is mixed with phlegm it produces heaviness of the part, dispepsia and drowsiness. As she had been previously healthy, I diagnosed impaction; and, to my gratification, this opinion proved correct, for about a week later she brought me the specimen of bone (which I exhibit), which she expectorated after a severe fit of coughing with haemoptysis. The following commentary is intended to describe the Hindu science of medicine (uk).

Indeed, these precepts are often completely irreconcileable with their present notions, which must be considered as slowly growing out of the altered state of society, and are unsupported by their venerable ancient, and most remarkable civil and moral as well as medical According to the Hindu Shastras diseases are cured by the influence of prayers and medicines; and when these are ineffectual it is necessary to have recourse to the knife or other such means. De Quinquard: fitudes de therapeutique experimentale Hayem: Le?ons sur les modifications du sang sous I'influence des agents medicamenteux et des pratiques Senator: Valeur des inhalations d'oxygune.

A nourishing diet and a course of tonics (cinchona, gentian, etc.,) are usually demanded. Water and sugar, rock-salt, and whey are also used as external applications. On bringing the patient into the operating room remove the dressings from the ulcer, scrape the ulcer and its edges, irrigate with salt solution, and compress to arrest hemorrhage.

Not sufficiently recognized, however, is the very great value of abduction in the treatment of shoulder disaijiiity (."stiff and In his classic article.s on subacromial bursitis Codman',' described a clumsy apparatus, much copied in text-books, for maintaining abduction after forcibly breaking the bursal adhesions under narcosis.

Only two white men have contracted the disease.

Shice the gonococcuK duplicates itself every ten minutes, it naturally follows that this rate of increase can only be compensated for, if we aim to destroy the gonococci, by the frequency with which we cleanse the urethra.

When the cavity is opened the distended coils of intestine rise up through the opening, and an escape of gas may take place, even in non-perforative peritonitis. Several of these factors may be present at the same time.


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