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It was not the number of cases of the usual boyish or girlish pranks, committed often as the result of overflowing and misdirected youthful energy, neither was it the number of cases of juvenile theft which appalled all who desire our young folks to grow up normal, healthy beings, but it was the amount of juvenile immorality which staggered them as it did all who have been actively interested in juvenile welfare. - - - New York THE liver possesses a large number and considerable variety of functions. Alter it Jestulc covered by its tunica alhu also a great part of the right. The Rabbis were anion- the first to reconstruct from the bones of the dead the mysterious framework of the human body, and to count as many as two hundred and fiftytwo bones in the human skeleton. What justification can there be to-day in a book written in the English language by an American author for retaining so many of the old terms, peculiar to early homoeopathic literature, which so plainly bear the mark,"Made in Germany"? It is certainly no longer hypercritical to demand that symptoms should be expressed in plain English for our use. If rheumatic it has the further characteristic of shifting from place to place. It' you read he periodical journals, you will iind ill these things eulogised, and no loubt many patients have got well, to w h en sates tonics and stimulants lave been employed. Royal College of Surgeons, in London, Surgeons to the Westminster Hospital, recognising you as a Teacher of Anatomy, has been laid before the Court of Examiners of this College, and I am Wi nter Courses of Lectures on Anatomy, and also your Certificates upon your Winter Courses of Dissections, will be received by the Court.

Having, however, accepted the appointment, he conceived it his duty to undertake: something, and the result of his labours he now offers to his agricultural colleagues.

He referred to a case of his own in which epithelioma, verified by histological examination, had been cured by an operation of this description, eight years having now elapsed without a recurrence.


From the rebreathing machine should not contain COo, so this step the leveling bottle above the level of the fluid in the burette, the stopcock above the COg absorber is opened and the bottle lifted in order to drive the sample into the absorber.

By the aid of the hooks around their heads they attach themselves to the mucous membrane mainly of the left half of the stomach but often also of other parts such as the right side of the stomach, tho duodenum or small gut leading from the stomach, and the throat. In the majority of the cases, observations were made simultaneously upon the two hands, readings being taken every minute for periods of ten minutes. Kbight, and Mr Laci v; and those gentlemen, I understand, are publishers, and keep a bookseller's shop for the sale of works of of a periodical nature in g e ner a l. This dilatation was about the size of a small English walnut, and from the upper part of it fresh blood oozed out through an opening the size of a pin's head, The right tube and ovary were ligated and removed. THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF GALL STONE Sweet Oil.

The without the discovery of any micro-organism. A few scattered petechial spots were noticed on the back. Life on a ranch is interesting, varied, and above all, healthful. Lie evidently was about five o'clock on the same morning. I am perfectly convinced that many cases of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the stomach, bowels, and subsequently of the brain have been The diet, dining dentition, should be most attentively regulated.

For the intestinal parasites, a teaspoonfuleach of salt and oil of turpentine may be given in milk every second day, before eating if possible.

This in no way, however, deprives the employer or insurance carrier from having other x-ray pictures taken if they so desire. Cool air and cool drinks, cleanliness, cold water applied to the external parts of the body, and injected into the bowels by way of glyster, did great service. We concluded that symphysiotomy was indicated, and generic4all I performed the operation in the way usually described. Herbert Snow has collected statistics of With these established facts, taken together with our improved methods of diagnosis and the statement of Welch that a tumour is present in three-fourths of the cases of gastric cancer, is it too much to hope for that in the near future we may be able to obtain much better To accomplish this we must operate early, if possible while the cancer is limited to the gastric follicles, before the muscular layer is perforated, and certainly before metastasis has occurred in adjacent tissues or I would urge the association of an operating surgeon with the physician, for it is always the physician who is tirst consulted in these cases of suspected gastric cancer, and I think the time has come when we can, when in doubt, advise an exploratory incision with confidence. As regards the healing of tuberculous lungs by the formation of fibrous tissue, this was a question of very great importance. Rupture is recognized by the sudden pain and inability to use the muscle, and, if it is superficial, by tenderness, by a depression in the seat of the tear, and a bulging of the muscle above and below it. The Harvard Medical School accepts the A. The latter chapter is invaluable to the general medical practitioner, who is so often consulted for an opinion on Part III covers clinical diagnosis of dental and oral disease, malformations of the head and jaws, maldevelopment and an excellent chapter on malocclusion of the teeth (which subject we also recommend to the medical practitioner, especially the pediatrist), diagnosis' of localized swellings of the oral mucosa and lips, and a separate chapter on disease and swellings of the tongue. Bat I shall state to you a case in which scarifications are called tor, that is, when erysipelas attacks a man's leg, and there is effusion beneath tbe integuments, the cellular membrane sloughs, and the disease spreads.

This he took as an indication-- that there were present active individuals rather than a diffusible enzyme.

The pain complained of, as well as the abdominal swelling, had troubled him for about three months. Table IX includes fifteen cases of nervous disorders and brain and cord lesions.


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