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I Ihapman Coleman, first Secretary of Legation, THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Remarked) are so often disappointed in the use of vaccine virus after it has been kept a little while by the usual methods, that it becomes a matter of considerable importance to be able, by some easy, expeditious and certain process, to preserve it for a vaccine virus by solution in glycerine, using the solution instead of the solid matter for vaccination. He describes a method of generating La Wall, Chas.

The bottom of the first trough therefore is usually higher than the lowermost point in the second trough, which point marks the end of the paroxysm and indicates The first or second crest may be abortive or subliminal. Medicine and is not limited to surgical topics. This is probably due to the larger population and its greater density. This preparation was applied to scarified areas on the fore-arms of six non-susceptible individuals, two of whom developed positive reactions at the end of one week; and to one susceptible individual who had a positive reaction at the end of forty-eight hours. The surrounding area offers exceptional recreational opportunities. Best results obtained fi-om giving fractional doses of calomel at the beginning of an attack of gout until it freely moves the bowels. The heat regulation factor is so complicated that it does not precisely correspond with the evident tertian periodicity of sporulation as indicated by one of the crests. It sat three days, and adopted a good Constitution and a well digested set of By-Laws. On examination I found his condition as follows: Patient pale, anaemic and puny.


Inflaminatlon ( f the Tonsils, Rules for preserving the Parity.

I have now to in the same manner that I did the former, so that the two reports may be compared with each other, or the average of the whole The publication of the first set of cases has caused some manifestation of interest, by a few gentlemen outside our own District, I regret to say that all the members of even our limited District, do not hand in their reports for this record; and that, therefore, I do not think it is yet time to ask the Society at large to do in January, and I will include them in the report. Le Tellier, to whom, as already related, we are indebted for the facts of the foregoing case, makes the following reflections on this extraordinary case. Paul, describes and illustrates a method for filtering Forbing, John W., describes and illustrates an automatic extraction apparatus designed by him. B as the proximate caufe of cpilepfy, afligns vehement action of the brain on the mototory nerves, a D on the fentient With this, the opinion of Hoffman fubftantially coincides, yet it is more methodically ex, for he confiders the proximate caufe to be fpafmodic flriclure of the dura mater, comprefllng the fentient nerves, and caufing a greater influx of the nervous Epilepfy appears to be nearly a nr.efled with ap plexy, more particularly with a: a of Hoffman, and feems to admit of diilinclion into The pairoxyfm fecms to originate in fpafm, but there is evidently, and perhaps induced by (j of the exhalants being increafed, there may I fion on the brain j and during the (late of e this fuperabundant lymph may be taken up by the In cafe of rupture of the blood-vefTels, apoplexy and death will clofe the fcene. By the mouth boracic acid and salol are the most useful. Had to ligature, as well as in those in which the alteration of the blood prevents its coagulation, and renders hemorrhage dangerous, the eau Pagliari may be advantageously employed, and deserves to be classed among the valuable resources of our art. America s premier professional liability insurer. He desired to offer to the medical world a last pledge of his solicitude for suffering humanity. Of course a senior who has undergone three years of such treatment, does not think it strange when twenty or thirty men swoop down on one of their number and hasily, and with large and influential muscles, shove him stern end fiist through a car window: review. On the seventh day, I ascertained the condition to be as follows; The corneal section was widely separated, an extensive prolapse of the iris BUing the gap and obliterating the pupil; there was a considerable blush in theeye, indioaling the commencement of inflammation. Than an amber red, no dilution will ba required before it is examined; if of a dark red, the urine should have about its own bulk of water added Co it; if of and wash out the measure with about a drachm and a half of water. Buckingham considered this drug of great benefit in the treatment of nursing sore mouth, in large doses, the disease always yielding in the course of a week. Their involution is really zhewitra by dessication.


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