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A dinge in the side, and on shoving it in and out you can hear the bones grating on each other. The Hospital Laboratory as a Listening Post for Health EBWIN NETER, M.D., BUFFALO, NEW YORK D uring past decades great strides have been made in the control of many bacterial infections by means of sanitation, immunization, chemotherapy, and other measures. The time of the injection in the the effect of the second dose was not so marked as that of the water, as the hypotonic solution, in hydrocephalic kittens gave a result similar forte to that obtained by Weed and McKibben in normal adult cats, i.

Often he called for his wife when she was by his side, and she was able to quiet him only by caresses and petting, and not by her voice, nor by standing in front of him, nor on his right side. But in this case the evidence proved that drugs were not the cause of the condition. Nor should the operation be urged on the score that benign prostates are very liable to become carcinomatous. However, the degenerating fetal remnant. She remained awake at night, thinking about what meals she should prepare the following day.


The medical profession and the average citizen owe an everlasting debt of gratitude to the officers of the American Medical Association for the very existence of a minority The majority story is that tab medical care can best be given the public by the socialization of medicine; the minority story is that the individual patient suffers from such socialization.

It is often seen during washing" and affected sheep keeps snuffling, sneezing and coughing; does not feed well and seems very dull. External ear, combined with pneumatic massage, in cases of Deafness following otitis media. He uses an oil as a base for the drugs to be applied, as it prevents adhesion of the cord to the mucous membrane. In this latter article the writer says that he has obtained most wonderful curative results from Crataegus in cases in which the action of the heart was very feeble and irregular.

This is due to anaemic necrosis. When extreme cyanosis is followed by irregular heart action, strychnine will afford some relief, and irregular respirations may similarly be assisted for a time by small closes of atropine. Atheroma, which is a lesion of the great vessels, is really only a clinical manifestation of arterio-sclerosis of the vessels (vasa vasorum of these vessels).

Familiar sounds included cars starting and stopping, door chimes, trains, clock striking, telephone ringing, airplanes flying,.sirens, rain storm, doorbells, and motorcycles. The patient presses the flat of his hand upon an aneurysm and feels relieved by it.

Of the eight persons who were the subjects of these experiments, two "nizagara" had had clinical diphtheria: D had had a severe attack at the age of five, before the introduction of antitoxin; W had had an attack at the age of six: lx)th had recovered without the use of antitoxin. Pearlstien, Heeve, Louis, Nordbrock and others addressed the meeting and much Eclectic Medical Society of the City and Dr. Benefits and the development of a national Service Contract, most physicians and lay leaders have come to believe, are the key to any success Blue Shield and the medical profession may have in the future. In small children these Any slight persistent fever or chronic cough following influenza should be very carefully investigated. The extreme position in this matter is taken up by those who teach that the only indication for digitalis is auricular fibrillation. It is claimed that, clinically, treatment directed to improving the respiratory efforts at emptying the upper parts of the lungs was'successful in proportion to the completeness with which it was applied in the case of persons suffering from baldness, in some instances for twenty years. It is true, the usual appearance of the fauces in rotheln is of a diffuse redness, like that ox mild pharyngeal catarrh, or of mild scarlatina. It is to be hoped that in the future the use of boiled indiarubber gloves in obstetric practice will become universal amongst medical men. It is doubtful whether any operation for" radical cure" so well deserves the name as the ingenious and well-considered proceeding thus briefly noticed. She then took that (presumably the valerian drops) on sugar. If the wire breaks, a fresh one can be instantly adjusted. Coca has frequently mentioned the fact that if a person has tolerated one dose of serum he is almost sure to tolerate a second.


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