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There is a wellknown tendency to periodicity in all the affections of the cerebral and nervous system; the formation of pus in every vital part is also known to be attended with occasional rigours and paroxysms of hectic i'ever.

Auscultation will be found an invaluable resource in all cases of doubt; an accurate diagnosis in this respect is of the first importance, especially in the latter stages of continued fever. There was no diplopia, and no faints nor fits of any kind. The immense number of cases of disease relieved by the influence of the mind, and the strong probability that the same influence is a powerful factor in the causation of the great epidemics that have devastated communities, as well as its undeniable agency in developing the varied forms of hysteria and hypochondria, render it a subject worthy of the careful study of the profession.

There was some muscular anaesthesia. One case has entered a fair remission, but still shows positive fluid findings. Leeches have also been applied by means of an appropriate metallic tube to the vagina or to the os uteri, in cases of inflammation These appear to be appropriate cases for the use of local bloodletting by cupping and leeches.

If there is not danger to the predisposition of thrombosis, it will be a valuable means of treating severe hemorrhage during the third stage of labor. Victor Horsely has satisfactorily proven their existence. It is well, however, to add at this time that Mr.

We are at present unable to indicate positively what produces these little clots, and what their precise evolution is. Alas, we are unstable, because we do not pay enough attention to the action of remedies.

All that is important in a practical point of view are the various relations which this phenomenon bears to the pathological condition of the heart and other or the extent of chest over which they are perceptible.


He described his experiences with pellegra, hook worm diaeaae, aestlvo-autumnal fever, and various intestinal infections, found in tropical countries. Peters, in which it appeared that the buildings upon Hoffman and Swinburne islands, in the lower bay, while dingy, are remarkably clean, that no new cases have developed recently, and that the danger of the disease spreading had probably passed.

Drugs and chemicals should always be packed in impervious tin or glass containers, as the dampness of the tropics, coupled with the ravages of insects, will destroy most anything. We know that as nations advance in civilization and refinement, affections of the nervous system become more frequent, because progress in these directions is necessarily accompanied by an increase in the wear and tear of those organs through which perceptions are received, emotions excited, and intellect and volition set in action, and in addition the mode of life as regards food, clothing, occupation, and habits, is being constantly removed farther from that standard which a regard for hygienic considerations would establish as most advantageous. Another very excellent astringent injection, and one which is easily made and almost always at hand, is to take two ounces of the ordinary sumac berry, being equal to about one head of sumac, and pour upon this a quart of boiling water. Another case quite recently seen: A woman was lying in bed absolutely paralyzed below the waist, with a hysterical contracture of both feet, absolute anesthesia below the waist; the suggestion that she was a sick woman but was going to get well; the application of the thermoKiautery.

Renders far more energetic measures necessary; and these, although generally of the same class as those usuallv directed against acute inflammations, must be exercised with more than usual As long as the phlogistic state continues, with high fever, hard pulse, and great feeling of straitness and oppression in the chest, there can be no doubt of the propriety of bleeding more or less freeh', according to the intensity of the symptoms, and the strength of the patient; but it is not prudent, as in pleurisy or peripneumony, to bleed to syncope, or to push the measure with an expectation of very marked relief. Keep the extremities warm and apply hot fomentations to the abdomen. The lid trouble is simply one of distension; finger pressure will cause a decided wilting of the lids, by the displacement of some of the suffused fluid. Next day The foot, coronet, and pastern having cipla been disinfected, operation was proceeded with. Finally, the cord is lodged between two flaps made by splitting the fibres of the aponeurosis of the external oblique, the outer flap being sutured to Poupart's ligament. It is light, self-retaining, and easily adjusted to any nostril, and is decidedly the most useful nasal speculum Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department, United States inst.

We sometimes find two or three similar indurations in the same lung, and frequently both lungs are affected at the same time. In measles, they are permitted to return to school in two weeks. A layer of "suhagra" granulations soon covers it, becomes hard, and contracts, gradually drawing the skin over the stump until towards the end of the third month; the cicatrix is comparatively small. Pulsation attends every species of enlargement of the aorta. Ankle was braced with suitable appliances, daily applications of the electro- massage currents, small doses of strychnine. He claims to have proven that iodoform does inhibit the vital activity and harmfulness of micro-organisms, by virtue of decompositions which set free iodine or some of its compounds; also, that the antiseptic action is confined to the parts close to the iodoform molecule.

Beaumont performed such a beautiful series of experiments still lives at St.


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