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This case was diagnosed as cancer of the stomach, Hill's case as cancer of the oesophagus; in the latter the prolapse of the fundus of the stomach had kinked the oesophagus and prevented vomiting; in Hale and Goodhart's case the prolapse of the pylorus made vomiting the cardinal The surgical treatment of diaphragmatic hernja was first undertaken with fatal strangulation, when he met with a second case, operated without ribs forced apart, the prolapsed omentum excised, a wound in the diaphragm, wound in the chest wall closed without drainage. The review should be consulted in the original by those interested. For the last five years he had been an antiseptisist, and had not witnessed a single death durina; that period, though, through nurse or midwife examining patients, he has seen many cases of septicemia. The latter had a long neck and the screw end might reach through the bone wall into the marrow, a condition in which the screw would have no firm hold and would act like a peg or nail. She lost in height, and became, as her friends remarked, very" short- waisted." Three years ago pain returned in the back and legs. The author summarizes the principal changes which are observed as a similarity to the attempt of nature to arrest the development of cancer In cases of malignant disease of the prostate the author is again in favour of the insertion of the radium into the growth, the procedure advocated being as follows: the patient, under general anaesthesia, is placed in the lithotomy position. Ou either side of this ward are glass sitting-rooms, which make it extremely cheeiful for the patients. The deep-red color, which appears promptly, is not so characteristic as a green have suddenly had all the symptoms of a severe peritonitis due to perforation and have died, the autopsy disclosing the lesions of the third week of typhoid fever: suhagra.

Do not underrate the results which may accrue from your neglect; I have seen many a lady who dreaded mammary abscess much more than she did the pains and dangers of parturition.

There is no enlargement of the thyroid glands or tonsils. This claim is the more interesting as Blegvad's countryman, Professor Saugman, speaking of his experiences at Vejlefjord Sanatorium, recently maintained that the most effective treatment of laryngeal tuberculosis was the sanatorium regime which aims at arresting pulmonary disease and restoring the patient's general fourth week, when each exposure lasts an hour. Since the papers had to be of a general nature, they did not attract many specialists to the meeting, and their reception by the members of the society was usually not very enthusiastic. The typical relapsing fever was present, and extensive involvement of the skin with pruritus was an early symptom. We may mention as the chief points in distinction: A cavity is apt to be situated in the apex, pneumothorax in the lower part of the thorax; over a cavity the chest- wall is often sunken in, over pneumothorax it is prominent; the vocal fremitus is usually marked over a cavity, weak over pneumothorax; symptoms of displacement, and also evident succussion, point to pneumothorax.


Support may Ge alterod to suit the length wrist movements and rotation of forearm. The active dose of hedonal seems to be about than half an hour a strong desire for sleep occurs, but this can be overcome without any special efi'ort, and passes off in about an hour. This sliows tliat the principle of homostimulation applies to normal as well as disordered glands, and this is by no means impossible with the adrenals as well as with the thvroid. In many cases ditficulties of digestion are dependent upon the kind rather than the amount of food. Abraham Jacobi was made Bulkley began his eighteenth series of clinical lectures on diseases of the skin in the Out Patient Hall of the New York Skin and Cancer Hospital on Wednesday place and are free to the medical profession on the delivered an address on Recent Advances in Brain Surgery, illustrated by moving pictures, before the College of Physicians of Pittsburgh, Pa., at a dinner at the and treatment in the hospital.

This must be left in about three or four hours. Although the hemorrhage was not extreme and although a mild degree of post-partum hemorrhage is thought to be of advantage in relieving a diseased heart from the strain thrown upon it by the contracted uterus, the patient's life was at once put in jeopardy, and for four hours.heroic measures were necessary to tide the weakened heart over the crisis. If she continued as she was she must have given up her only means of HveUhood, and settled down to the life of a cripple. The prize essay written by Miss Ashton covers in an unusually intelligent and careful way the all-important field included by the title of these essays.

Following total transection of the cord the isolated segments enter into an initial phase of spinal shock. In regard to food, however, beyond taking measures to prevent the selling of poisons or adulterated food substances, the law docs not go.

It is possibly the only disease in which alcohol can rationally be given as a food, now that there is such a reaction against giving it in conditions formerly considered essentially in need of alcohol.

The more the disease spreads the greater is the distress. Narrowing of a primary bronchus, which is the only form to be mentioned here, arises cipla most frequently as a result of the presence of foreign bodies.


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