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Owing to its stimulating action, the heart gains strength, the respiratory act deepens, and the phenomena of shock yield in a surprising manner to those of traction. In the use of cocaine for purposes of local anesthesia it is inadvisable to inject or apply more than The writer observed repeatedly from minimal doses of cocaine (Schleich's of poisoning.

Arthur Mathewson remarked that it was in the room in which the meeting was held (in the Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital) that the first use of cocaine as an anaesthetic in the United States had been made. Ointments, formerly recommended, are now discarded as" inconvenient and disagreeable," Dr. He recog nized the dentists as specialists, calls them dentatores, but thinks that they should operate under the direction of a physician hence the physician should know much about teeth and especially about their preservation. One of the candidates, whose entrance to the Hospital is opposed by the medical clique in power, is better known as a physician than as a surgeon, although like the entire medical profession in Montreal (except two oculists) he is a general practitioner. Most of the works of our older literatures have gone through a similar trial during the over-hasty superficially critical nine teenth century.

Hobbts's Dialogus Pbyficus de Naturd IV. Assuming the accuracy of these conclusions of different writers concerning the origin of both germ and sperm cell in the epithelium-cell, and of this latter in the leucocyte, which is declared to be the contagium-bearer of the human blood (and, in the present state of science, evidences are daily accumulating in support of them), the following deductions may which may subsequently become impregnated: embryo tljrough the bioplastic elements of her own blood, infect the germ-cell impregnated by it, the result being a These results appear to me far more satisfactory than those heretofore reached, clinically; for, as already remarked in this pai)cr, by such methods it cannot in the first place be decided whether a syphilitic father may primarily infect the embryo, the mother at some period during her pregnancy. The barbarism, gastrectasia, is found very often. Tobacco is apt, in many patients, to impair digestion and depress the heart's action, the healthy state of both vital processes being points of the highest importance in the treatment of this mania.

The brush should be composed of bristles well set into the back.


The train was derailed and the jolting caused the cicatrix to open. Since cocaine is not used in this form of anesthesia, the method may be more properly The unsuitability of cocaine introduced intravenously for the production of general surface anesthesia without loss of consciousness in man Harrison, through experiments performed upon his own person. The following are the officers for the ensuing year: President, A. The indurated tissue had then been removed and the flaps brought together. The treatment the great chronicity of the affection, about fifteen years to the full development of the right eye. In Texas or southern cattle fever, the urine of the affected animal is red in color. Insoluble quinine salts are unsuitable for rectal In the case of blackwater fever, the (luantity of quinine excreted was found, on an average, larger than otherwise, and the excretion extended through a larger number of days. Preliminary narcosis is induced by the mask in the ordinary way. The frame is of wood, lmall ftand perpendicular, that the free motion of the hand may not be hindered. I humbly beg your lordlhip's blcfling and giving me an account of his having finifhed that work, and his having made fome me, that both minilters and gentlemen rejoice mightily to think, that there arc hopes of their feeing the Bible with catechifms and prayer-books in their own language; and that the minilters are very willing to read the lcriptures publickly in their churchesHe fays, a great many minilters and gentlemen would buy the bibles, if they were were fit to be done in the Latin character) they could fell them, and get the money very foon.

Tales have "stromectol" been told, that the patients in some of these houses are not suffered to sleep; that the severities have been unusually cruel; that, in the language of Julian, the fivfiulous hair has been recruited, designedly, with new colonies; and that derivation to the skin has been kept by the infection of a cuticular disease.

Melville Block (Jour, of sometimes local bleeding from tlie temple, may also be employed. Chauliac discusses the operation in this re spect and says that he has seen many cases hi which men possessed of but one testicle have procreated, and this is a case where the lesser of two evils is to Of course Guy de Chauliac would not have been able to operate so freely on hernia and suggest, fol lowing his own experience, methods of treatment of penetrating wounds of the abdomen only that he had learned the lessons of antiseptic surgery which had been gradually developed among the great surgeons of Italy during the preceding century. After teaching for some ten years there, however, he gave up his professor ship the highest position in the medical world of the time apparently with certain plans in mind. Wcnyon, Northern Australia, Native Cord-necklaces of Notes on the Kthnographical Specimens (collected Figures in darker type indicate Nyam-nyam Tril)e, Facial Tj'pes of, male. A good auxiliary to this treatment was change of air, a sea voyage, and a stay at a water ing-place.


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