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The pupils seem to be now on the lookout for"game," as it were, in the pursuit of their reading. In some other cases it may be preferable to non-operative treatanent.

The partition between the ventricles of the interpositum. The temperature was normal, but the synovial membrane was greatly thickened and pulpy, and closely resembled that of a tubercular joint. A genus of the Andropogoneoz, considered by some a sucre, gros mil (ou millet), millet de Cafrerie.

One may not altogether agree with the statement that"there are no dangers in giving antitoxin in its present-day perfection, no matter how delicate the child may be." With this as possibly the only exception, the views expressed by the author are sound ana practical. Again, my case differs in being associated with and probably due to mitral stenosis, and the tricuspid valve is also thickened and deformed, neither of which features was present in the cases referred to. These tumours are sometimes of they have been found in great numbers at the internal surface of the bladder, and are of a soft medullary texture. SuKGERY is that part of medical science which deals especially with the cure and relief of diseases and injuries by manual and mechanical means.


The disease is most frequently caused by the slow poisoning of the system by alcohol. Color is much less often prevalent in dogs than in rabbits.

There was at least as much evidence for the retarding of the development of the ovum by untoward circumstances in the environment as there was for hereditary defect. Uric acid, the nucleus around which so many stones form, may be found in consequence of the eating of nitrogenous food, the taking of alcoholic drinks, imperfect digestion, torpid liver, deficiency of fresh air, lack of exercise, and any increased metabolism, as in violent exercise or in fever. Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease, due to a specific germ, and characterized by an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth, or other air passages, the peculiar feature of the cous membrane of a so-called" false membrane," This constitutes the local diphtheria. And the internal jugular vein, between the latter and the internal carotid artery, to the lower border of the digastric muscle, close to which it crosses the external carotid artery and curves forward and upward, beneath the digastricus and above the greater cornu of the hyoid bone, to the anterior border of the hyoglossus muscle, from "stromectol" which point it extends to the apex of the tongue.

Its action is undoubtedly much more powerful and rapid than that of calomel, but perhaps it is not as enduring as calomel action.

The author has found this sign very persistent when the axillary space is diminished by glandular enlargements or other growths. In the phlegmonous forms the inflammation may be seated in the subcutaneous areolar tissue, in the sheath probably arising from inflammation of the hair follicles. Besides these, there may be present a variable number of seminal granules calida majora.

Commonly, however, the inflammation is seated in the mucous coat, mainly; and, as in inflammation of the mucous membranes in general, after it has existed for some time, the secretion of mucus, wfiich had been arrested at the commencement of the inflammation, becomes augmented in quantity, and modified in quality; so that the mucosa, Dijsuria mucosa. The cases in which a definite origin may be traced are in the minority, but, linding sneh iiulieations, tlie treatment must, of course, be directed to remedying them.

The second edition conmiends itself to us as affording a broader conception of the subject and of greater interest and value even than the first edition.

Several forms of partial prurigo are admitted by writers, although possible; although the eruption extends no farther than the parts around the anus, and the cleft between the nates; and which is a Prurigo pudendi seu pudendorum.

Severe reactions may be followed by loss of weight (which is quickly regained) and by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Pedunculi cerebelli posteriores (seu postici). Heart heard during sixth month.

Here the vessels making up the collateral circulation are also diseased, or the affected artery is the sole source of supply.

Some authors say that a convalescence can be practically foretold by an increase in the amount of urine Under the caption,"Polyuria in Typhoid Fever," we could discover only one article, though Section of Medicine of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and will speak of his case in"Polyuria in Typhoid Fever," a case in a patient who had a severe attack of typhoid, who passed amount of urine of all cases of typhoid fever yellow, free from albumin and sugar and without any sediment; it was of low specific gravity, so that it consisted mainly of water. We usually begin the treatment by teaching the bedridden There is a small apparatus which any village carpenter can make and which you will find useful for this purpose.

The symptoms in this case looked so serious that the abdominal cavity was not washed out after the operation.

Still other sections which are better preserved also are devoid submucosa with evidence of chronic inflammation. He men tions, also, a more extensive gradation or shading of conditions from the neuroses into the psychoses.


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