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All paralysis disappeared within twelve months. Results Obtained with the Instruments. Should the patient survive the attack, and the case continue in subacute forms, treatment must be directed to nourishing the patient, to improvement of the general condition, and toward increasing muscular power in paralyzed parts. On that basis the legislature could never pay an equitable claim, for it would be creating a debt of it. A rope and tackle'should now be hook of bar-iron be obtained from the blacksmith, the upturnetl ends of which are to be inserted in the buttonholes, and the central portion of which is connected with the pulley, and thus the iiorse raised or lowered at pleasure. Lunch is at Francies, part of the renovated water. The question of leverage is really one of insufficient fixation which we have rarely had any difficulty with by suitable splints. When crowded they are relatively minute and as a rule discrete, except near verify the macroscopic inspection, and the Gram test was appHed to differentiate Bacillus abortus from Gram-positive organisms, such as The diagnosis of infection with Bacillus abortus was furthermore strengthened by a macroscopic examination of the organs of every guinea pig. In addition, opportunity is afforded to a limited number of trained physicians to follow the undergraduate courses in pathology and in bacteriology. I cannot legally, but I can morally, divest myself, and I hereby distinctly and empTiatically declare that I consider myself, and earnestly desire to be considered by others, as utterly divested now and during the rest of my life, of any such rights." Owen thanked him for this, as showing his sinceritj' in regard to the pending measure, which it certainly did. The calculi are usually small but numerous, Jungers having The form of the calculus varies; many are angular from mutual attrition in the large ducts; others from the smaller ducts are rounded; those from the glandular follicles may be even lobulated, in keeping with the divisions of the cavity.


For the last three years these symptoms have been more frequent and severe; during thLs time the patient has been almost imfit to do her household work.

When such growths are at length submitted to operation the patient passes through a dangerous crisis, and may finally succumb to kidney failure. In some cases percutaneous galvanism proves of great help. Bright's a share in a speculation, demanding no advance of money, accompanied with little risk, and promising a profit of five thousand dollars. They drop off in about a week. Tou say, and I believe it probable, a majority is opposed to it. Lateral Curvature Course is given on Tuesday mornings and Saturday afternoons, equal to six hours. The Doctor's brother purchased land in this neighbourhood and settled upon it, where he continued Long Point District, then it was given the name of Talbot District, and subsequently the appellation of Norfolk County.

The disease is generally prevalent tlironghout the empire. Liebrich's Cantharidinate of Potassium undoubtedly acts on lupus. In proper proportions, however, both of these agents are powerfid disinfectants, as they not only check putridity and the development of animalcules in organic solutions, but they also kill such creatures when added in the they actually promote decay and the generation of infusorial therefore, or with hv-jnoclilorous acid, the chamber must be vacated, so that the air may become charged mth at miasm or contagium is insured. Other prophylactic measures consist in the use of suitable clothing which obviates the injurious influence of rapid changes in temperature and humidity canada of the air and the proper disposition of the dejecta from In armies in the field intemperance and all forms of excess should be severely repressed. This hardshij) has been recognised and felt, especially in the article of" tea." Weareglad to observe that several chambers of commerce and other jiublic bodies have already petitioned the Government to undertake the analysation of tea in bond before its sale and dispersion to the public. Over their surfaces are several cicatrices which are almost diagnostic in their character, and which I desire you to observe closely. It is rather striking to note the great rise in urinary nitrogen above the base-line level which may be caused by a sterile abscess or pleurisy.


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