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The variety of the disease in officers was due to the same factors and also to better protection from infection. Nights - the fpinal veins defcend, together with the arteries, from the brain itfelf, knding cut branches, in like manner, on each fide, which accompany the nerves like fo many circular finuffes, fixed in the dura mater, and correfponding to the number of the vertebra, all Vvhich fo communicate one fpread with any veffels, which furrounds the fpinal medulla loofely and at a diftancc, and is mater, is extended to the bottom of the os facrum, where the nerves, only defcending from the medulla, are colledled by it into a fafciculus. Cer tain other organisms grow in a similar manner. When diphtheria antitoxin was General first used preparations were put on the market of serums. Those in a febrile condition and those in whom destruction of tissue is advanced are not suited for the treatment, and in them little or nothing is to be hoped from the administration of tuberculin. Arsenic and quinine in quartan malaria. The stroma of a cancerous tumor imports something more in the way of characteristics. Culture was the hunger and thirst of the fine fibres of the roots of the heart, shooting out beyond for sustenance. Daily shaking of a liquid culture of the diphtheria or tubercle bacillus is fairly effective, but the medium must be passed through a paper filter before it can be used safely; in this way the larger clumps are removed. A cat and dog of the same ages being placed in a lethal chamber, the cat may, with perfect certainty, be predicted to outlive the dog. The separation also may take place in the large veins of the trunk and extreriiities, and in the sinuses of the When this accident happens, death takes place in the same way as when air or other insoluble gas is blown The Formula for a Safe and Practical General From what we gathered above it is possible to suggest anaesthetic that shall be applicable to long and short operations alike, and shall become acceptable generally from its readiness and safety. We seek to master all its known elements, physical, physiological, psychological and pneumatic. It is therefore not a secret remedy, and we make no empirical claims for it. The case is now left alone until the whole mass comes away like an eschar.

One might conclude that the historian presaged the erection of the New York Croton Water-Works, and a similar structure for Charleston. From of the most recent writers on the subject, considers that a macroscopic estimate of the existence of lesions is insufficient. In addition to the necessary adjuncts of maps and globes, in the study of geography, stereoscopic views are a great aid both in this branch and in history. For a long time the phenomena of disease have been regarded as an order of things that ought to be investigated by themselves without any reference to the standard of health. Fails to form indol; gelatin not liquefied; Voges-Proskauer reaction positive.


The reaction was often present in the first week after the rash had appeared, but was never found in the first five days of the disease. It is recognized that eighty per cent of tumors in the breast are malignant, and it is probable that of the other twenty per cent, half of them if not malignant will become so if not removed. It may, however, be too impure, by contamination with foreign matters, to crystallize, when some drops of water, feebly acidulated with sulphuric acid, should be poured into the capsule, and then moved over its surface, so as to bring it in contact with the matter in the capsule. Stiff - neurotraumatic Dermatitis Vesiculosum et Bullosum.

Administration of bismuth by injections is of undoubted use in the search for lesions in the sigmoid flexure and rectum, and also has the advantage of being quickly applied, but it frequently gives a distorted image of the colon. The attractions and reasonableness of the theory, however, were such that it continued to gain exponents, and in the early part of the nineteenth the great French physician, Bretonneau, affirmed that a specific germ was the cause of every con tagious disease:"An epidemic disease can originate and extend only through the agency of the germ producing it." Yet at this time no infection had been definitely proved to be of microbic many preceding ones had it not been confirmed by later investigators. The microscopic structure of the wall of a lymphatic trunk closely resembles that of a small vein. By the fourteenth day they are converted into crusts, which drop off, leaving in mild cases only a simple discoloration. As CO the therapeutic treatment of these so-called alimentary disorders, due to fermentation of food in the canal, first evacuate the stomach and bowels of the matter that has undergo ne fermentation and putrefactive changes, as quickly as possible, and fortunately for the little ones, nature has often done this part of the treatment in the way of emesis, before the physician sees the The following drugs given in proper use of papine to relieve pain.


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