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I have observed that the acquisition, of a good nose and pharynx gives one not only practical freedom from colds, catarrh, sore throat and the air-borne diseases generally, but gives one also a higher level of health; also, that this may be given to almost anyone who will take the time and trouble to have those bits of surgery done which make the nose and pharynx approach the ideal.

VWhere is it to be found? Ansirer. If it is the direct stimulant effect on the nerve, why will not titillation of the SKIN in the process of tickling, or the application of an electric stimulus be productive of equally good or better results? In the second class of conditions the analogy between the horse and the organ is far-fetched. I move, therefore, that his dues be remitted. Graham has shown that usually in cholecystitis, the interstitial tissues and lymphatics of the gall bladder, and not the piucosa, are diseased, and that this is prob ably due to the fact that gall bladder inflammations are so frequently associated with a lymphangitis secondary to a hepatitis. A fire on the hearth does not heat the air, but as a writer truly remarks," the heat rays dart through it to warm any object upon which they may fall." The same writer continues:" The sun passes his floods of light through the atmosphere, without warming it a particle. I am familiar with the injection of the mixed toxins of erysipelas and prodigiosus, with the so-called medical treatment as advocated by a distinguished dematologist in New York, and the infusion of metals. Its attachments are suggestive: above to the occiput, below to every spinous process from the seventh cervical to the sacrum. The issue has stirred calls on Capitol Hill for required second opinions and suggestions for establishing "manufacturer" criteria for determining under Medicare and Medicaid the necessity of surgical procedures and which should be elective. The Public Health Service has continued to supply medical attendance and services of various kinds to the United States Coast Guard, Employees' Compensation Commission,- Civil Service Commission, Bureau of Pensions, Light House Service, Shipping Board, Steamboat Inspection Service, Veterans' Bureau, Mississippi River Commission, Bureau of Immigration and the Prohibition Unit. There are, of course, already many such laboratories attached to the departments of the officers of health in many counties and large towns, the Worcester and West Riding counties for instance, but it is not every medical officer who can give the time that would be required were he to undertake the task of named. The intensity of the enjoyment which he derives from contact with the skin, is only equalled by the insensibility of the flesh.


She was taken to one hospital, which was jammed full and could not take another patient, then hustled to another hospital: but, up to the time I left, she had never reacted sufficiently to justify her surgeon in taking her to the x-ray room frir an examination. Knowing as I do some churchmen formally religious but really undevoted to anything higher than themselves, and some scientists formally irreligious but devoted with all their hearts to the love of light, I have no doubt what the judgment of the Most High would be. The urine from the other kidnev was about normal, and the bladder urine showed some blood. W., dislocation of ungual phalanx, Butlin, H. Respectfully submitted, by the Secretary in the absence of Dr.

There is reason to believe that the protective enzymes thus developed show a considerable degree of specificity to the particular foreign material responsible for their formation, and efforts have been made, therefore, to utilize the fact in the diagnosis of abnormal conditions, the method being designated as the Abderhalden test, after the name of the physiologist who first proposed its use, or more generally as the method of serodiagnosis. According to the observations made with the x-ray apparatus, movements begin a few minutes after the entrance of food into the stomach. Consciousness was regained after the convulsion, but she had periods of semiconsciousness since.

It is important to consider, however, that in breaking with the concepts of the church and nights its representatives, authority as the guiding principle for thought was not done away with. Then will we become little else than masseurs, and our protest against such classification will be of no avail. The organ has moved to the left side, and though it touches the wall there is no extension of the area of apposition and the tuifacc uncovered by lung is not larger.


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