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I shall only refer to the extended observations of Broca, Gray, and Maragliano, and Sepelli, on cerebral thermometry in health and australia disease. The latter will be considered in the remainder of the work, which is to be devoted to the Practice of Medicine, or Special Pathology. Gross, speaking on the diagnosis of stone (Gross on the Urinary Organs, sounding is the only certain method of detecting a stone in the bladder, it is occasionally liable to error. He quoted See as holding that the chief action of the salicylates is on the nervous system. Part of its unanalysable charm may be due to the bold thought of combining the beauty of a Greek Hylas with the Christian sentiment of martyrdom. One of three litres of urine passed during and just after the attack, supposed to be due to leucomain poisoning; and the other of four litres of urine passed, in an interval between the attacks, when the patient is phosphates are precipitated with ammonium hydrate; after twenty-four hours the urine is filtered or decanted from the precipitate, and a three per cent, solution of nitrate of silver is added to it; the silver solution should be added as long as precipitation occurs. He was the torment of every one who attempted to teach him, and yet he managed, by the aid of his unaided faculties, to pick up knowledge of a certain kind much faster than his companions. Even previous to Koch's discovery, this form of investigation had aroused a great deal of interest; I need only mention the elaborate researches of Chauveau, Klebs, Aufrecht, Gerlach, Gunther and Harms, Bollinger, Viseur, Schreiber, and Orth. Of acetanilid and antifebrin, I shall never give another dose in typhoid fever, for I feel this evening that had I, in the case of the young man who died, thrown the powders of acetanilid into the fire and trusted to good nature and a little water, instead of giving them to the old grandmother, I might have headed this paper," Eighty-one cases of Typhoid Fever, with Two Deaths," instead of three. We notice marked evidence of a decline in the number of contributions and in the value of the reports from different sections. He trusted they might be solved in accordance with the motto of their Association laid down for all time by Charles Hastings and his associates. He has taken a drachm and a half of the oil daily for eight months, and has had it rubbed into the skin, with equal frequency, for a year.

There seems to be no diminution in the chlorides of tlie blood in pneumonia and in the fevers, notwithstanding sometimes an entire absence of chlorides in the urine in these affections.

The pancreas in this case was large and hard like an interstitial kidney. Experimental observations upon a large number of mice inoculated with the diplococcus pneumoniae showed that the injection of quinine in large doses exercised a curative effect.

Genuine substitutional attacks have been noted, just as in epilepsy; thus Sir George Airy observed in his own person the attack complicated with transient impairment of speech and memory without either headache were at length completely replaced by tits of disordered ideation. Salted, high-seasoned, and all stimulating food increase the demand for drink, by stimulating the lining membrane of the mouth, throat, and digestive organs, and increasing the viscidity and exciting properties of the biood. All depends upon the level at which the tumor is located and its extent. It does not mutilate the fil)roi(ls, with two recoveries. Heitzmann, who examined it microscopically, and designated it a pigmented medullary sarcoma of the skin, and gave an The wound made by taking out the piece for examination was united by sutures, and healed readily by result of original investigations in the histology of the After referring to the medullated and riou-medullated nerves, and the current views as to their course and termination, he gave the results of his personal observation, and presented a number of microscopic sections The non-medullated nerves form plexuses both within the skin and epidermis; in neither situation did he find the nerves ending with free extremities.

The inijirovement of all the lower forms of life, both interference on the part of man.


The new treatment is now on trial, but the greatest difficulty thus far experienced is not in curing patients, but in securing a pure article of the drug. Many cells were slightly granular. It is slightly alcohol, ether, benzin, carbon disulphide, and chloroform. We have in this remedy one by which the disease is controlled, ameliorated, and the mortality greatly reduced. Whenever cancer provokes great vascularity in of surrounding tissues, it does so by inflammatory effusions, suppuration, and mortification. Vaginal Hysterectomy for Pelvic Suppurative Diseases presented a communication in which he stated that since we have found that the uterus may be removed by the vagina with less shock to the patient than by the abdominal method, we may consider the operation of vaginal hysterectomy as applicable to other diseased conditions than cancer, for which it was first designed. Mountainous countries are usually exempt from phthisis.


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