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Tincture of matricaria, as it is superior to all other general Decide at once upon a reliable tonic, and then a special course of treatment should be decided on. An half indigenous plant, growing in most parts of the U. Hence he thinks that there should now be a reconsideration of the starc'ndogma, and it certainly does seem desirable that a full and impartial scientific investigation of this important subject should be made. This is the manoeuvre of this class that has been followed by the greatest success. To the Editor of The Medical Record. Operation for exposure of the nares for removal of tumors or dead bone. Having congenital oleft palate, Palatola'bial. But she had no haemorrhage while in hospital.

Twelve powders were made from one grain of triturated calomel and one- half grain of podophyllin and one powder given every two hours until free bilious stools were produced.


There were secondary nodules in the lung. G., Striimpell, regard"biliary" and"hypertrophic" as synonymous, and"venous" and"atrophic" as the same. Febralgen: Acetanilid and sodium bicarbonate. Os'teoplasty life (osteon, plasso, to form). By placing the positive at the nape of the neck, the centre of all nerve supply to the body, and the negative over the chest and abdomen, any weakness or tenderness can readily be detected; or, running it down the spine, any loss of vitality in any special nerve can be recognized by a soreness, or burning, or tenderness over it, and the disease located in the cord and organ to which the nerve branches.

John's-wort; then fill them with olive oil; the bottles so filled to be exposed to the action of the sun's rays for about six weeks, or until the oil becomes of a deep-red color.

Hot lotions of ozonized boroglycerid are greater range of utility than heat, both dry and moist. He was the same age as the other child. Animal, ligate above and below the wounded part, then thoroughly wash with warm water; cup it. Organic diseases with local manifestations. He thought the medical profession were well aware of the success of this method, and that many physicians were using it. After a moderate education I learned that this and that and the other condition of pain was explained by organic disease. Our esteemed contemporary may feel assured that there is no emergencyMn life in which it will not receive from us the assurances of our wannest TRAINED NURSES IN SMALL COMMUNITIES. Neither does gelsemin give the prompt and decided effects produced by a good green root tincture of gelsemium. The ablest only are worthy of these positions, for they alone are capable of profiting by the advantages allotted to them. Please inform me how I can procure Dr.

Part of the trunk which bounds the abdomen below. These hemorrhages are not always manifested as a sudden hematemesis but may, by causing an abrasion of the mucous membrane or rupturing a small vessel, produce an oozing or slow hemorrhage, sometimes shown only by darkened or blood-stained stools. Excess of nitrogenized food may also produce lithiasis in persons whose liver is active.


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