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Squibb for the purpose of proving it; one that the paper be referred to a committee of three for the same purpose; and still a third that all papers be referred to a committee of three. The best and probably the cheapest splints for fractures of the extremities are moulded gypsum splints. Internist retiring Medical Office Suite now available in Whiting, New Jersey. The smaller ones can be gummed trial into a case provided for the purpose.


Martin, has been drawn upon by new propagators for their first supply.

In one of the speaker's cases, after the removal of an ovarian tumor under chloroform and with the use of a minimum of iodoform, the patient had lost the power of speech for three weeks, during which time there had hoon neither fever nor depression.

"Wallace took part Presidential Address, in which he spoke of the advantages of a wider general culture to medical men, both as a means of relaxation and of Mr Keng read the notes of a case free which had occurred in the course of his dispensary practice, where the patient suffered from abdominal symptoms of a somewhat anomalous character, giving rise to some difficulty in diagnosis. The surface of the body the wound, the granulations were found to be loose, pale, and flabby, and the discharge thin.

The flow of fluid is controlled by the finger over the air inlet, and when it is i-emoved the pressure of the column of water is sufficient to force it through the nose. The immediate occasion of tlie increased nosological importance which scnrvy suddenly acquired for the civilized populations of Europe in the second half of the fifteenth century, and continued to maintain for nearly three hundred years, was tlie wonderful transformation in tlie commerce of that epoch initiated by the bold voyages of the Spaniards and Portuguese, beginning with the discovery of America and of the passage to the East Indies. To-day there is no one to speak against cceliotomy, and I doubt if many will ever again use The real difficulty is in making a satisfactory diagnosis in ectopic gestation before hnemorrhage endangers life.

However highly regarded by some the physician may be to-day, it is him, and thera is a crying need of a reform in regard to the demands made upon him, and the spirit in which they are made There is a general impression that he is always in the saddle, and that" one hour in the twenty-four is just like another to him." This is true in one respect, in that he is always on duty. It keeps me interested and stimulated, and it is one reason that I am still in full-time practice Just the other day, I performed the woman. The lower arm portion consists of a strong metal tube, into which working implements can be inserted and over which the artificial hand can be placed, when the wearer is through with his day's work.

We here refer to disorderly action of the cords in contradistinction to the glottic spasm with forced expiration in cases of" barking cough." In disseminated cerebro-spinal sclerosis a tremulous action of one or both cords, similar to the tremors of the limbs on intended Functional inspiratory spasm has already been referred to as one of the forms of hysterical laryngeal spasm, the vocal cords coming together on inspiration, and separating but slightly on expiration. The nervous structures were known to resist the passage of a current more than the muscles, or the vessels, or the bones, and the central nervous organs, being surrounded by fluid, were through the sympathetic, ho seriously doubted its possibility.

Louis, consisting of a combination of extract of malt, whisky, glycerin, lemon-juice, and crushed sugar, is of great value, both as a remedy for the cough and as a stimulant I have occasionally met with a cough that seemed to me to be entirely unwarrantable to attribute to any of the foregoing causes. The changes which take place in streptococci allowed to age in cultures and treated with sodium oleate, or suspended in XaCl solution, are probably all of the same character as when treated in immune serum, because one treatment in serum in these instances is sufficient to bring into solution the toxic substances, whereas with fresh streptococci a second and longer treatment is necessary.

Only the insurance companies benefit from this oversupply; patients do not. Beyond the limits of the parenchyma the stroma of the peripheral offer processes becomes directly continuous with the connective tissue framework of the circum-mammary fat.


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