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The peripheral nerves radiate from a region in the nonregenerated part of the tail, both from the region of the larva proper and of the reversed piece. The examination system is often a horror to such a child, as the writer knows from his own experience. The giant corporal, who had been in the pack-stores when the farrier s shop had been "stendra" hit one week before, was seen crouching behind the wooden schoolhouse latrine. Scurvy and typhus fever are raging in the alllictcd districts. Was a segment of tapeworm, seen in a fatal case of appendicitis reported by Robb.f Warren Coleman,! iu a man of sixty-seven, dead of nephritis and pneumonia, found in the dilated appendix a piece of bone five-eighths of an inch long and a quarter of an inch at its broadest part. He had sharp pain and tenderness there was tenderness over the site of the appendix. In this connection, however, il is of interest to mention a case of marked impairment of vision following a severe uterine hemorrhage, observed by Dr. A great many microscopical examinations of the ham were made, but without showing any trichina;. There are several methods of performing amputation at or near the knee joint which are well thought amputations are done for injury or disease. On the left lateral wall there is a nodule about the size of a hen egg, which has undergone calcareous change. There was a heavy flannel binder, next two woollen garments, ne.xt a cotton shirt, and lastly a thick rest. Pfeffer's conclusions in other respects resemble those of Kress.

The discoveries of karyokinesis, of wandering cells, of the migration of leucocytes from the vessels, and of the specific cellular germs of dis ease have only widened our views of cell pathology. To the Editor of the Medical Record. The entire subject of the"Care of the Baby" has bei thoroughly taken up, and the author begins with a consideration of some points of importance to be observed by the mother and nurse during the latter part of pregnancy and labor. A HOUSEHOLD EPIDEMIC OF PNEUMONIA The appearance of pneumonia in epidemic form, either confined within the limits of a single household or extending over a considerable area, is as well known as any fact in the history of the disease and one of the most satisfactory proofs of its infectious character, as the most natural explanation of such outbreaks is the exposure of the patients to one common cause. Coming down to our times, we find in the governing motive a largely diminished ratio of the instigation of the earlier days. Monat Blair gave an illustrated lecture on the application of the phonograph and micro-graphophone to medical uses. The amount of blood present in the pulp is tremendously increased over the normal. Atkinson aud Brown, of Baltimore; Bulkley, Heitzmau, Keyes, Piffard, Taylor and Weisse, of New York; Duhring and Van Harlingen, of Philadelphia; Busey, of Washington; Octerlouy, of Louisville; aud White and Wigglesworth, of Boston; fourteen in all. C, Winter-, a short troublesome ebay cough of old people due to phraicistj.

In two cases the patients were very positive that they felt life.

The mothers had no mortality traceable to the operation. Wohtgemutk' s Mfthod, Ihitch liquid, chloric ether, i lostly chloroform, but is less price drnrcssant Dvath resuUii from paralysis of fbr thr pTtxluriion rif prolongtrd nanusis. These are now secured upon one side in such a manner that the first and second, and the third and fourth are tied together; rolls of iodoform gauze being placed beneath the loops to prevent the latter from being buried with the skin, strong traction upon these secures the rectum in its new position, and the other ends of the thread are similarly secured.

This can be easily and safely done. Bowditch dates from the time when as a medical student, a happy chance in the lecture-room of the Massachusetts General Hospital allowed me to answer correctly a question of diagnosis, and when I was fortunate enough later to mention symptoms which he had not enumerated. If the axone of a neurone be cut anywhere between its cellbody of origin and the end of its axis-cylinder process, the nucleus becomes displaced in the cell-body, assuming an eccentric position, usually very close to the axone hillock; in addition to this change the tigroid masses, or Nissl bodies, break down into very minute granules, like fine dust, which become diffused through the cell. The operation may not prove indifferent for the cicatrization of the incised parts may lead to harm.


In the Rcvieru oj Reviews for January is an article by Professor Edwin O. The patient got well, and I can only remind myself that other patients, supposed more positively to have had infective endocarditis, have recovered. The deductions from the investigation in fifty-eight sources of ice-supply were brieflv as follows:" In the formation of the ice the color and saline matter of the water are completely removed, and also all but thirteen per cent, of the other impurities.


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