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Grafts taken from the right thigh were applied. I look upon consumption mainly as a disease of the fluids, having a tendency to reproduce itself. By an analysis of recorded cases, he showed that hydatid cysts' of the lung were not most frequently found in the lower lobe of the right lung, but occurred with equal frequency in the upper lobes and in the left lung. For exaniple, speaking ot intestinal obstruction, the author says:" Surgical art mortality of intestinal closure." The surgeon will doubtless agree, but will he be satisfied with this? of the Hindhede Laboratory for Nutrition Research, Established by the Danish Government. That this distinction is not a refinement of nosology, my case-book bears me abundant witness, and I have, therefore, placed them in a separate category, hoping thus to more positively direct attention to them.

A shot in the arm, or leg, or side, or shoulder, had prostrated many of them. One month ago he had a fourth hemorrhage, and later still he has had two or three slighter ones.

The surgeon-general also visited the City of Mexico in January and conferrco with the president of the Superior Board of Health of Mexico. Masked forms are more difficult of diagnosis, but bacteriological examination of the lochia and the blood will be of assistance, showing the existence of the streptococcus. Number of Professors, Lecturers, Demonstrators, etc., the Various Medical Societies. After which the faculty would adjouin for rest and refreshment. A dressing of iodoform, bichloride gauze, and bichloride cotton was held in place by a manytailed bandage.

We have lately seen double crural phlebitis as a sequela of typhoid fever; here is another rather unusual sequence of that disease. A transverse incision was made, and the rectum and bladder were but had experienced severe colicky pains, at monthly intervals, tumor was evident in the abdomen, resembling pregnancy at term.


" These tests promise," he says,"to be of considerable medico-legal value in the hands of experts." We think that promise has been fulfilled.

The lectures are given in the evening, at an hour that will not interfere with the exercises in the The Medical Colleges leave it optional with the student where he takes his dissecting ticket.

He stated that in all cases the data furnished by the x-ray examination should be ultra carefully analysed in conjunction with the previous history and the subjective and objective symptoms of the patient.

These rooms are also open during the spring and summer months, to gentlemen wishing to prosecute Practical Anatomy and Operative Surgery and Benjamin Franklin. She warbled several airs to pianoforte accompaniments faultlessly and most beautifully modulated; and so powerful were the notes that her grandmother, who was excessively deaf, could catch every one, without the slightest effort, in another room a little distance off; in the same room some notes were deafening, when she poured them out at the forte parts. If it should occur the ray can be again applied and no tissue necessarily sacrificed. It is authoritatively asserted when Dr. McClelland here presents a very useful volume. His symptoms were those of dilatation of the stomach, and physical examination, including distension of the stomach with gas, showed the existence of considerable gastrectasis.

If we use a narrow seat with divergent foot-holders, which keep the thighs wide apart, urethroscopy can be comfortably performed, and all such operations on skull and face in which the surgeon prefers to let his patient sit up. Ptyalism, happily, now is repudiated as an unmistakable warrant of the satisfactory surrender of the system to mercury. Some of these conditions are brought about by a change in the physical apparatus, as strabismus, an altered state of the pupil, oscillatory movements of the iris, or an undue prominence of the ball. The circular ligatin-e is pulled tight and firmly tied, two or three supei'ficial stitches of catgut being introduced if there be any puckering. The second is exceedingly painful, and, in the experience of the writer and others, has not yielded good results. A special commissioner of the British Medical Journal gives, It appears that this service, which has grown up since the profession, and that under the more recent Irish legislation it affords a strong suggestion of the worst political practices in this country. In that instance the specimens, which were very complete filiform animals, some five or six inches in length, of a dark brown color, with a flattened body, were supposed to have been voided from the bladders of two females. Simply because a person claims or pretends to possess certain powers who do not claim such powers, but who know from education and practice, are not competent to judge whether the treatment administered was negligently or carelessly done. And this certificate is made pursuant to the tenth paragraph of acted.


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