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Friedley grew up on the home farm, attended school during the winter months, and acquired sufficient education to enable him to pass the county superintendent's examination and secure a teacher's certificate. I admit that this is an a priori objection, subject to correction by experience, and further, that some symptoms may be so urgent as to require removal at any cost; still, I notice that the tide of treatment by hypnotism, which in some quarters has flowed so high, shows.signs of ebbing; and eminent authorities. Consult also index on" Blood." Angina Pectoris. Susan Wimmer died in came to Liberty Township, there were only Wimmer, Jr., grandfather of Vaughn, grew up in pioneer days and had a limited education. On the ground floor, opposite the nurse's room, was a scnllery, in which, as the door was opened, we perceived a bad smell comint' from a sink pipe, in which, as the matron pointed out, there should have been the wooden stopper.

Others have, however, been of opinion that these seizures are due to pressure on the subjacent pons and medulla, the more so as the tumour has been in tlie middle lobe of the cerebellum in the cases described. Section, wash quickly with alcohol, clear partially with creasote, and mount in dammar. A superior cement, part, and a saturated solution of shellac in chloroform give the mixture a syrupy consistence. On the other hand, the palpebral conjunctiva may be painted the disease. We note also any sensorial deficiencies, and endeavour to remedy these by appropriate exercises. They are not only refreshing, but they tend to keep the bowels open.


This consists in all active cells in plants of a constant absorption of the oxygen of the air into the tissues, where it causes oxidation of the assimilated substances and the release "reviews" of carbon dioxid.

R., uk English, Syme's operation, in which upon. Again, recovery from an hysteroid fit is more prompt and complete than in epilepsy; there is not the prolonged stupor, nor" even the dazed and confused mental state. There are two ways in which the law takes cognisance of wrongdoing. Hearsey's connection with the automobile business is in fact the history of the beginning and early years of the industry in Indianapolis, a city that now ranks second in automobile trade and manufacture in the United States. The fontanelle is raised, thus differing from rickets in which it is depressed; and in the latter affection the head is elongated in the antero-posterior diameter. The generalised are so termed from involvement therein of the whole being or organism, and general activity; whereas in partial insanity the disorder is' limited to the psychic sphere, and the general activity is deviations, mental infirmities,) are subdivided into two degeneracies of involution, or psychic disorganisation, having This classification has many good points, although we can only partially accept it; the book built on its lines isable In the preface the author thus explains his object in writing the book:" Since the time of Skoda the methods of physical examination have made no substantial progress, nor have their fundamental principles been tested.

Captain Negley is the central figure in a family that has been prominent in Marion County for a full century even before Indianapolis came into being a city, and there are a few of the older Indiana families whose records can be more worthly recalled at this time.

It stands in the flat country between Norwich and Yarmouth, which is populated to a great extent by the descendants of immigrants from Flanders and Holland; the dykes, canals, and windmills give to the landscape a very itself occupies only a small part of the buildings; it accommodates eighteen patients, exclusive of the lying-in beds. After this the colour improved and the recession disappeared.

Operation is indicated according to Leube in repeated small, persistent hemorrhages which are not controlled by medical treatment; in profuse hemorrhages if repeated, provided the the bowels for several days after a hamatemesis. The heart's action will continue as vigorous as before, although it will contain little or no blood after the first contraction. With regard to the relation between small-pox and vaccinia, most were agreed that vaccinia was variola modified by passing through the organism of a bovine animal. We commend the whole matter to the attention of the Local (iovemment Board. Nevertheless, we venture to express a doubt whether the interpretation which is put upon the power of the police is not unnecessarily scandal of a very serious kind. Such persons have more than ordinary mental ability, but with lack of persistence. Used to hold the uvula during amputation of that to denote connection with the uvula.


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