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Thus equipped, it will be prepared to work at practically a moment's notice on the field. He considers that asphyxiating anesthetics and asphyxiating methods of giving them should be avoided in such cases.

There was no phthisis so far as known among ancestors. Immediately after the hair is dried, the ointment is again applied and repeated every other day for ten days. Hanvier was the first to detect and call explicit attention to the existence in these tumors of delicate, connective-tissue fibres, tinastomosing so as to enclose spaces nearly circular in form, in which lie the lymphoid cells, a structure from the jiriisent case, and which is consideretl to bi; characteristic of cytogenous tissue.


York, and for a short time was under the care of Dr. He cited at length the histological arrange' ment of the gut elements. Corns need not necessarily lay an animal up, for by the proper application of the shoe or by applying a proper shoe correctly the animal can resume work almost at once. She complained of vertigo, and of a dull, heavy feeling at the base of the skull.

In the operation the hook glided behind the swelling, and it remained in position when the globe was removed.

Her rapid tablete breathing, chest pain, and rusty sputum showed that a few hours of pneumonia had been the final cause of one would expect tlie thyroid to contain a good deal of seci-etion, but the atrophy was so complete that I was compelled to tliink that there had also been a vapid and extensive cytolysis of the secreting cells, analogous to that occnrrinc in acute yellow atrophy of the liver. The writer demonstrates the technique in the clinic twice a year, and finds that the introduction presents no difficulties; his results, tiowever, do not equal those of Curschmann.

Chest, remaining from a former pleurisy about six months before.

She complained of headaches whenever she was exposed to draughts or cold, and of some until two months previously, when the lelt had also become affected.

In what other way can we explai u the relief felt by the doctor's coming, or what else is it liiat stops the toothache on coming to the dentist's office? Hoav Scientists and other charlatans except by the fact, that attention focused upon a desired result, the human mini is enabled in certain cases of extreme auto-suggestibility, Every patient has a friend in hope and an enemy in dread, and it is the pleasure of tJie physician's office to turns the wrong way in cases of low vitality and fixes tJi'i patient's attention upon dissolution. Observations on Direct Antiseptic Treatment of paper. But on inoculation of guineapigs the da0 original characters constantly reappeared in the first culture.


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