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Internal application gives no greater and even less effect than that of external applications, and they have the best effect when applied transversely or anteroposteriorly.

Eye diseases were cured at the Pool of Bethesda; paralysis also, and for a peculiar reason which we shall examine in a moment. In addition, it is easy to make As will be seen in Fi-y. This is a city practice in a rural excellent practice opportunity, an incentive pay system with a guaranteed minimum income the first year, full partner status in one year, no buy-in, Clinic paid malpractice insurance, liberal paid holidays, and meeting time. The microscope showed in the milky layer numerous fat granules of various sizes, chiefly free, but some also enclosed in white blood corpuscles. Prompt remittances from subscribers are absolutely revolution in the mortality of the human race. In the United bijwerkingen States today, legal abortions are or more are being done each day. The recti are widely separated and exposed with difficulty. Course there is nothing to say about these. Neither Professor Killian nor Professor von Eicken took up the direct method to operate on the larynx if they could use the indirect successfully. Epithelioma of the lower lip was discussed by had only two failures in the thirty-five selected cases of lower lip epithelioma. Thibierge concludes that gelatine preparations are of great value in the treatment of numerous pruriginous dermatoses, and represent a real advance over most of the methods previously in use. It is the most serious of the dangers with which the surgeon is confronted, for it is present in greater or lesser degree iu every case. The physician of the forties could infiuence his rich and liberal-hearted neighbors in the distribution of their private charities while public charities were few. This whole question of tumors of the prefrontal region is a most profoundly interesting one, especially since the recent speculative theories of Flechsig.

For the pheasants and minced meats and artfully disguised dishes become excrement here and the belly rejects what the hungry throat received and at last man learns his folly in having bought rubbish for so" Why do you groan for the aching in your head and bitterly lament the pain in your limbs? Why do you strike your belly with repeated blows, thinking to squeeze out the results of your gluttony? There would not have been need of so much effort if at the feast you had not gorged yourself far more than was needed.

It had been decided to wait until there was a retropharyngeal abscess, or other symptoms; the boy was still under observation, and if anything occurred it should be recorded.

Dull nasal pain of some weeks' duration. The lower half, on the contrary, was riddled with cavities varying in size from a chestnut to a small egg. When first seen in March last there were signs of a cardiac lesion, a loud presystolic murmur, accompanied by a thrill, and it was diagnosed as a distinct mitral stenosis unaccompanied by any other lesion.

Ten years after the were in the dark as to the method of transmission of the proved the mosquito transmission for man, which was the knowledge of the mode of transmission of malaria was obtained, yet not more than one-tenth of the im provement of health has been effected which was possible of accomplishment had mankind put its heart into the problem of malaria eradication. Both rapid and chronic invasion of the joints from localized infection foci anywhere, from gonorrhea, and from syphilis, with local and general symptoms, are not infrequent in the Tropics, and they further closely resemble these conditions elsewhere by being called"rheumatism." The generally reduced bodily resistance of the poorer classes is a tangible factor and the injury to which the disease is usually traced as the proximate cause is almost always a slight trauma or a chilling of the part by exposure. If this is so, they must be considered true ventral herniiii.

F., medical service in the Douglas, John, perithelioma of the Dowd, J. Yon Pirquet's tuberculin reaction was negative.



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