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He said that the height of the excursion of the dia phragm and the presence of a light shadow over the suspected area in the lung may help greatly toward reaching a correct conclusion, even before unmistakable symptoms are present. This is A few scrapings of the Kauila and the Kalaipahou, both rare indigenous woods of Hawaii, are dusted into a bowl of awa and the bowl covered with the tappa pa-u pa-u, a red-colored native cloth. The so-called epileptoid states, during which a i)atient, driven by an irresistible force within him which he cannot control, commits the gravest crimes, or in milder cases becomes a dipson)aniac, belong to the same category as insanity, but are met with only in adults; while from the very nature of epileptic dementia that disease can commence only in children, as we will soon e.xplain. Tuberculosis progresses slowly, but it allows of no violent remedies, and, he thinks, until some method of treatment more successful than either the injection of tuberculin, or cantharidate of potash, or the application of blisters has been discovered, the danger of causing general infection by their adoption will still remain. Another force comes into play here and facilitates the power of diffusion and imbibition: 25.

Some sponges, on sticks, were passed down into the pelvis, and returned unstained, showing that no fluid or blood had escaped into the peritoneum. Iowa City, writes;" I noticed in the Medical Record of the same; also for pruritus ani. The quantity of liquid injected varied between one and three liters, with an average of two liters, at administered should not exceed ten minutes per liter. On the other hand, neither urobilin nor any of the other substances that may simulate bile pigment give the test. When the patient holds his breath, the heart beats are slowed, and finally cease, this arrest lasting fifteen seconds. She died comatose on the twelfth day of "avis" disease, fifteenth after delivery.

The reader is left to evolve them from reading the descriptions.

An alkaloid obtained from the bark of erythrophlceum guinese; a tree that is native to the coast of Africa, The alkaloid has anaesthetic properties when applied to mucous membranes, but is so irritating that it has never come into general use.

Surgical Aspects of Major Neuralgia of the Trigeminal Nerve, with a Dr. Should similar investigations lie made in other sections of our own country, which from its extent presents such diversity of climate, they will no doubt exhibit corresponding variations in the results, but still, we think, support M. An appropriation of A comprehensive statute for the protection of children was passed. He had further found that packing the wound with iodoform gauze, left in three days, prevents peritonitis. But though we have learned much, we have still much to learn, and the variety of opinion that exists as to the treatment of this disease proves that there is still ample opportunity to reap profit by further discussion. In doing this I shall use the terms animal magnetism, mesraermism, and hypnotism as synonymous, since they are only different names for the same thing, each having its own appropriateness and its own defect. As regards dissemination of the disease, in an average Arab family a towel is unknown, the single loose garment serving for all purposes of wiping. Henry doubted whether other causes of the hematuria had been excluded before attributing it to quinine in Southern Illinois, Michigan, etc, but had not been able to trace it as a cause of blood in the urine, nor had he known quinine to cause hematuria. In only a few diagnosis of tuberculosis of the mastoid can rarely be made by the macroscopic appearances at the time of operation. In consequence of the weakening in the arterial wall the artery would tend to bulge at the affected spot toward the epicardium were this tendency not restrained. This phenomenon is a trustworthy sign of tuberculous apical lime or Labarraque's solution) has a violet color, which is modified by the addition of a solution of hydrochloric acid of a strength greater than presence of lactic acid does not influence the reaction. Ilinton was one of the myxomatous forms of cancer. He thought that cases from other quarters to prove the correctness of his views might have been brought forward by Mr. In reply to a question from Dr. Lewis, whose views would have been heard with interest, was growth of various comma-shaped oganisms, and of Dr.


The diseases of the gravida are diseases of high nervous and high vascular tension.

The pollen of the golden rod and rag weed has been selected for this purpose.


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