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The environment and the weather. Such treatment will not only cure the horse in five or'six days, but the horse is nothing the worse, beyond the loss of a few days' work.

Alexander organized the Franklin Canning Company and was its secretary for a number of years and also a director. Character more or less throughout, even when inflammatory complications ensue; and that, in the uncomplicated state, the nervous affection never proceeds beyond irritation. Few of these useful little cows have been imported into this country, and, if all be true which is said in their favor, more of them ought to be imported.

He was a man of scholarly attainments and one of the friends of early education in this city.

Supervising Editor of the New York Meilioal Journal. At the invitation of the Commiitee of the Association the began by describing what had been done in the direction of the medical inspectioh of nchool-ohildren throughout the civilised world, and shewed the necessity for such iospection on the grounds both of the experience of other countries, and of the results of his own investigations school-children with a view to determining the condition remainder presented albuminuria to a greater or less normal.

If this and warmth be only attended to, ailments among them been recommended: Fasten a double cord to the end of a stick, and beneath the stick let there be a running noose; tie a piece of bread to the cord, and present it to the animal; and when he opens his mouth to seize the bait, cat h the upper jaw in the noose, run it tight, and the animal is fast. The Ethiopians, even, of the present day derive their name from the Greek Aithiopcs, meaning the serpent-gods worshipped long before them. He has announced that the central artery of the ear of the hare exhibits a rhythmical movement quite independently of that of the heart, and hences denominates it an accessory arterial heart. He was "ruagra" in good spirits, notwithstanding his precarious condition, and he seemed to have enjoyed good health before the accident. However, he spent much of his time in the mild, dry climate of Colorado and Arizona.

Personal improvement of one or several symptoms found in fifty-eight of seventy-one cases of tabes, after the use of mercury; there were no results in Marked improvement in an already advanced case of tabes, by the administration of large doses of iodide of sodium, Weiss (Centmlli.


In both feet the hallux is shorter than normally and deviated into valgus position. The bulk of their patients in private practice were such as could afford to pay fees tor regular dental supervision, and paid some attention to the hygiene of their mouths. Organic bodies in a state of decay or disease, and animal secretions, infect the human frame chiefly during states of predisposition or susceptibility of the frame, certain only of which d.

It is a dropsical condition of the ovary and it does not always involve the whole of the organ.

Slow the bichloride solution and insert into the cavity, allowing it to protrude a little, and then put a hot linseed poultice over the carbolic acid.

Internal administration and external application.

The subject of the respiratory exchanges, which naturally is one of vast importance, is left by the author to the last. In these cases, especially, advantage will accrue from cold sponging the loins, abdomen, and hips every morning with an astringent lotion, as with equal parts of rose-water, solution of the acetate of ammonia, and vinegar; from the occasional recourse to an enema of cold water, particularly when a seizure is threatened, or to emollient and anodyne encmata on other occasions; and from rest in the horizontal posture.

If the nail is partly torn off, it.should be carefully cleansed along with the underlying tissue, replaced, and held in place with a bandage applied over the This is an inflammatory disorder of the nail popularly called a"run-around," which may follow an injury such as that first described or the introduction between the nail and the underlying tissues of infectious matter, along with a foreign body: a thorn, a splinter, etc. Indeed, inflammatory action seldom continues long, particularly in an acute form, without impairing more or less the vital cohesion of the tissues affected. If the corpse was one that had been decapitated, during these solemn ceremonies the head was placed between its legs. Notice that the outline of the first curve of the cardiovascular stripe, as well as that of the second curve, on the right is obscured by something. The excellent plan of the first is more thoroughly, Of eoarse, ail apothcoaries who have not already a copy of the first edition will proonre one of this; it is, therefore, to physicians residing in the eoantry and In small towns, who Catanot avail themselves of the skill of an educated pharmaeeutist, that we woiUd especially eommend this work.

The incision is most easily made outwards, and downwards, and in the transparent margin of the cornea. He had many and varied business experiences during his early youth.


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