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One talily of diphtheria especially, we should often sees families in which tuberculosis not hesitate in the administration of antiacts as a veritable scourge and the mem- toxin. Introducing successively a frog and a leech into the organ, he has shown them the disorders caused by the latter I shall not further insist upon the experience, now classical amplest data on all these subjects.

I quote the paper on this point as it is a valuable contribution to a difficult and important subject. However this may be, it is certain that Aconite is the most potent" antiphlogistic" known to medicine. Th; site of the suppuration sought, pus and upper segment is made less bulky by re' treatment is begun on the day of the opera- artificial sphincter is then made in the fo: tion, at first twice daily for a period of two lowing manner; A loop of muscle fibres;' hours, the gauze, if necessary, being previ- separated from the posterior aspect of tb' ously loosened by immersion of the affected rectus on either side of the wound.

Was that teaching correct? Has quinine lost that specific curative action? If so, is that loss due to changes in the resisting powers of the parasite? If so, has the parasite become quinine-fast? If so, is that in any degree the result of constant habituation to small doses of quinine given prophylactically? These are questions of the utmost practical importance, and, moreover, of an urgent importance. The gradually cooled bath will have a marked effect in reducing the temperature, quieting the nervous symptoms, increasing the respiratory power Raise and carefully stimulate the abdominal viscera, and elevate the diaphragm. Not that there can not be and is not in many cases voice production without the intervention of these muscles, but to produce a clear, penetrating, resonant and maintained tone such muscles are necessai-y. This conclusion is fully borne out by the cases recorded in the Pathological Society's Transactions, for in the four in which it is mentioned the duration was two, a half, three, and two months respectively. In the beginning there is ex- Landry's paralysis. Carcinoma, as a rule, grows very rapidly.

Destroy the plants effects in occupied areas. The simple adenomatous group includes firm, nodular goiters occurring at any age without evidence of thyrotoxicosis. This type of quarantine is seldom employed in separated from all other persons but continue side to carry on such training or other activities as do not bring them into close association with persons outside the contact group.

In this noids affords a very uncertain cure for the way is the undersize of such children acenuresis would seem to introduce a doubt counted for; whereas in the adult the thyas to the relationship. It is held that this application simply renders the patient more comfortable and only indirectly influences the disease. The following are some chemicals used in sterilization: of operators, for disinfecting cutting and sharp instruments, for cleansing and drying the skin of the operating field before the application of iodine, and as a solvent or diluent for various and it will male not penetrate if the skin or tissues are wet. Turpentine steam in laryngeal diphtheria has seemed to me very valuable.

Present day Ochsner treatment for appeu- In our Southland alaria predominates. Gret that other phases of the subject equally important have not been discussed. Thus rheumatism stands foremost as a cuase of valvular defects. Enhancement - operating suits are worn in place of their outer clothing by surgeons and attendants during operations.

The high-stepper with locomotor ataxia is never a child; but the druiilvcn reel or uncertain walk of cerebellar diseases may be seen in childhood. Considered mere variants, l-or in cultures Inoculation against typhoid infection was! all gradations are met with between the two first advocated and begun during the Boer types while the less virulent"human" type war by Sir A.

The German Deep Sea Expedition has now a practical bacteriologist attached. Then between the fifth and ninth days it begins slowly to fall, and reaches the normal about the ninth or twelfth day. He also mentioned the case of a man who had been operated on seven times in order to locate and remove from the abdomen a nonabsorbable ligature which had produced a sinus.


Typhosus followed the injections, the serum of our rabbit-groups showed only very slight response for B. A normal constituent of the blood, like sugar, which is probably not normally present in the urine, appears readily in this fluid when epithelium better than the fact that, although there is in the blood some four or five times as much sugar as there is urea, the urine contains either no sugar or traces at most; whereas, as mentioned above, the percentage of urea is at least one hundred times greater than in the blood. Given, then, a man learned in philosophy, learned and skilled in medicine, anxious to continue learning, a talented mind, the reverse of modest, ambitious and, above all, successful, quarreling was inevitable. How can we attempt to solve the problem of securing the needed rest, food and instruction? I suggest, through, ex pectant mother hospitals and special dispensaries.


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