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Serial heparinized blood samples were obtained from the opposite arm through an indwelling plastic catheter at five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and forty minutes, and subsequently once a day for the following nine days. The skin on straighter than natural, giving a spongy, catarrhal feeling to that part of the scalp. We just hope he offer suggestions on how best to where space, or maybe the number of employees, makes an on-site the state where on-site corporate fitness centers are possible. Wash off'with soap and water, then dry the marble well and polish with Dissolve soap enough to make a good suds in boiling water, add a tablespoonful of aqua ammonia; when scalding hot, turn over your blankets. Any patients not making satisfactory progress are suitably dealt with, and cases requiriug any special treatmeut, orthopaedic or otherwise, are at once transferred to centres where this can be carried out. At the end of this period the soldier might be sent automatically to a command depot, or back to the Territorial general hospital for decision as to his future.

Eugene Reeves, Army surgeon, is now on terminal leave and will resume his practice in Kansas City this for the past three years, has returned to his home at Girard and is resuming his practice there. It is a curious fact that neither Montesquieu nor Buckle refer to this treatise of Hippocrates. The staff is capable and attentive." In conclusion, he asks the Commissioner to convey to all concerned his" appreciation and admiration of the e.Kcellent work done in this area in the interests of the soldiers, and of the high degree of THE GRIEVANCES OF TERRITORIAL MEDICAL suggestion would work. Surgery got the best results in the ascitic type, but did little to remove adhesions. The case was shown as the exhibitor thought it might be of interest to see one of these extensive naevi in its earliest stage of development. Weigh the fruit, allowing pound for pound of sugar.

A patient with fatty infiltration of her cells cannot perform the functions of her body, and consequently a train of symptoms is established which is toxic in nature; toxemia being rather the result than the cause of the condition. He asked how changing the system will improve this. The Scottish Committee of the British. Home: Livingroom, dining room, kitchen For free Information on how you can prevent blindness and save sight writs to the suite, private bath, wood panelled, carpeted, air conditioned, ground floor, GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK OUT-OF-STATE ARCHITECT OFFERS FOR rent or sale his artistically designed, spacious, redwood and stone ranch on The U S Government does not pay for this advertisement. Cholera"; the tetravaccine"typhoid -f- paratyphoid A It may be of interest to put on record the experience who was preparing them in Serbia on a large scale for tho American Red Cross Sanitary Commission and for the Serbian army. An alphabetized bibliography is used only when the listing is of books suggested merely for supplementary reading.

SEYMOUR BRENNER, RADIATION ONCOLOGIST, FOR DR. The failures which then occurred are attributed to a defective system. Drawings and charts should always be done in black ink on white paper. Illustrations: Authors are urged to use the services of professional illustrators and photographers when possible. Senator, I should add at this particular point, we meet with the FDA on a regular basis, at least on a monthly basis if not more frequently than that. Unfortunately the war broke out within two weeks after we opened our hospital, and since that time it has been situated at the rear of Trinity University and known as the Hickford House, was taken and our patients were moved into it. It is not our contention that we should provide these units for the care of victims of infantile paralysis only. HOPE Your contributions are tax deductible. The editor'invites communications from hospital visitors, members'of committees, and wounded -men themselves, addressed the annual meeting of the Ophthalmological Society last month on hereditary glioma of the retina, a very rare condition, which is of more than ophthalmological interest. Blair Bell: Functions of the pituitary Insurance, Council of the Faculty of, appoints committee to advise on whole position of Developments and problems (Dr. To place hospital facilities in easy reach of every person in Kansas who is in need of those facilities.


Their ages ranged from eighteen to fifty plus years, the majority being in their remainder being fairly evenly divided between Protestant and Catholic. Rhino - c, which bears the family name. A multitude of poor people took cold during the same cold spell, and took no drugs whatever, and got well.


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