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If it could be satisfactorily shown that this most fatal form of tuberculosis recovered under influence of an equable climate, then this procedure would be eminently proper, but under the circumstances, I think further experience is wanting, before condemning high altitudes, for the relief or cure of these cases. In certain cases of tumor it may furnish important data for flation anesthesia. Thus, a young lady, whose case was recorded by Addison, had become" bronzed" for one year before her death, but appeared ill during only about four months; and a man Avho was under the care of Mr Harris, of Hackney, had been noticed by his wife to be getting darker for two years, but mentijDued no other symptoms as present for more than six months. In the case of an important and complicated organ like the heart, a pig s heart is supplied to each student and he dissects it as the demonstrator proceeds. Cbonyn on a Case of Labour with Complete Occlusion of Vagina, Successfully Treated by Incisions, Transactions of the County and City of Cork Medical and Surgical Db.

While it is always proper to be on the alert against possible danger, there is no necessity for any alarm.

The invalid's outing to about four and a-half hours.

When the temporary teeth are extracted the dead undeveloped permanent ones "retin" are found lying- loosely beneath them. While this rate may not appear to be a high one when compared with other geographical divisions of the Union, it is, nevertheless, larger than it should be, which was above the average of preceding years. Balls-Headly, of Melbourne, Australia; McPhatter, of Guelph, Ontario; Dr. We repeat, such information will interest a;nd benefit his fellow practitioners.

All small towns have teams, and nearly every high school in the country is represented by australia an eleven.


At least, from the history that a patient gives it is not always possible to define the onset. The artery itself is sometimes a bi'anch of the coronary artery of the stomach, or the trunk of that vessel, or a pancreatic branch of the splenic artery.

At Guy's Hospital, the liver is accidentally found cirrhosed (in persons Avho have died of injury or of some other disease) once for every two cases in which cirrhosis has been the cause of death. Prophylaxis is the most important phase of this question and we can reduce danger from tetanus while looking for legislation, by education. In other cases indigestion always follows some particular article of diet, such as fatty matters or soups.

It is speedily dissolved by the gastric juice, except a small remnant, which for a time may be observed attached to the neck.

In older women menstruation often goes on regularly, although they may continue for several years to be afi"ected with gastric ulcer; but if there should be anaemia from profuse haematemesis the catamenia may be suppressed for a time.

The treatment adopted, and under which the symptoms quickly passed off, was the use of strong coffee, cold douching of the head and face, enforced exercise in the open air, and a mixture containing ammonia. The whole surface of the body is very cold, the extremities especially, and the pallor of the face is death-like. "Many are the advantages of digital over instrumental compression. There was emphysema of the right lung along its free border; in other localities it was cedematous.

It is doubtful if this extension would materially affect the conditions gel permanently. The Union Pacific from the Missouri river is always a favorite route, and in case one goes to San Francisco before the meeting it will be the natural line of travel. I have often suspected syphilis in watching cases of faulty growth, and occasionally an undoubted specific lesion has confirmed the suspicion. The result proved the correctness of the prognosis, for the mare became rai)i(lly worse, and the case so hopeless that, at the ownier's re(piest, the carotid arteries were divided. They may last for years, until the patient is at length carried off by diarrhoea or pneumonia, or some other accidental malady.


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