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Amyl nitrite there was also haemorrhagic infiltration of the connective tissue surrounding the great vessels at the base of the heart, and extending around the branches of the pulmonary artery into the roots of the lungs. There is no X-ray.shows rudimentary pelvis, although from lack of ossification the whole structure cannot be seen. This was did the same things in Xew York. Under these circumstances you may require resuscitation teams, and we have put them lately in field ambulances to enable these operations to be done more thoroughly; but whenever a patient can be evacuated he should be sent to a casualty clearing station. Fish, even trash fish, their solubles and flours into those of extremely high value, beef, mutton, and venison. Report of the In-patient Department for The second ovary was removed, as tliere was found to be a fibroid tumour situated at the fundus uteri. It was held in the fine new State Institutions Building on the fair grounds,'where there were exhibits contributed by all the departments of the state government and by various state institutions. In one of these cases the carotids were also compressed and the patient fainted. It is easy enough to regulate either one of these factors if we disregard the other, but both must be properly arranged if we are to attain success. The parasites that produced it were probably omnipresent, but in addition to these we had to have a receptivity of the consensus of opinion was that the lesions of psoriasis were due to a parasite, but that underlying that we had a pecuhar susceptibility of the skin or of the general system, and that the latter could be evoked by various causes, such as shock, faulty metabolism, Dr.


Clarke says that he was away several times during the year when no record was made, and furthermore the statistics are based solely on newspaper reports, which of course are far from embracing all the cases, at least of attempted suicide, The youngest self-destroyer was a lad of twelve years, and the oldest was a man of ninety-two. This external cause may be found in trauma even if ever so slight. At first the fumes of ammonia would cause her to return to consciousness, but later all stimuli failed; electricity, iced baths, apomorphine, and snuff all being tried in turn, the only noticeable result being that occasionally she passed abruptly from the convulsive to the cataleptic After the first month the duration of the fits gradually increased, so that they occupied twelve hours or more; the legs, too, now shared the movements, the thighs being alternately rotated inwards.

Chylous dropsy of the tunica vaginalis is not an unusual occurrence in the tropics: price.

After stitching, some surgeons in the abdominal wall with iodoform gauze, a wait for a day or two for adhesions to form, t stuff the wound with gauze without previous stit Should the abscess be struck through an costal space, and H the latter be not deemed ciently wide to admit of manipulation and drainage, a couple of inches of rib had botl excised: micro. If the disability lasts for a long period of time, he becomes threatened and insecure, and he may suffer a whole series of personality changes, which may become Next, physiotherapy is one of the modalities which plays a role in the rehabilitation of the asthmatic patient.

Grossly there was not the slightest sign of any other kind of organism than tubercle bacilli, yet every loopful from the crumbling bacterial mass was found to be made up chiefly of the granular round masses that bore no longer any resemblance to tubercle bacilli. In all other cases we can treat the lesion independently either by Ehrlich's or the mercury method, as occasion and convenience present themselves. In cases of duodenal ulcer, since patients usually attribute their symp toms to indigestion, they are apt to try oik; article of diet after another and get prejudiced each. Overactivity and a decrease in sleep four patients the effects were less obvious and partially obscured by toxic actions of the drug. That a large proportion of the native children harbour the malaria parasite, and that a large proportion of the anopheles in the neighbourhood of native houses are infected, it is manifest that to visit native quarters when mosquitoes are feeding, especially in the evening or during the night, is fraught with danger: retin. To the MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK A Doctor Appraises the Auxiliary r r'HE battle for mastery in the house of medicine is being waged today with a new approach and magazines.

Williams, and her presentation of the subject forms one of the best and most thorough.


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