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Yet I have often found evidence of syphilitic changes in the arteries of the brain. It not unfreqnently remains stationary, without any iierceptible change from the standard of health. In the rare cases of tuberculous meningitis which present severe and persistent head-retraction an unusual and excessive deposit of tubercle at or near the posterior base is generally found at the necropsy.

Children already have six, and bring home an armful of books to complete the day's work. In some cases one superior intercostal artery has been tied also, and yet the animals have completely recovered. In unilateral ear-disease the tuning-fork is best heard by the ear in which pathologic changes have occurred in the external meatus or Law, a law of sense-perceptions.

There is no allopathic school and there never was, hence the word is Dr. Grapes, about six or on the whole this patient exercised great firmness and determination with himself, and therefore bore the restricted diet with patience, although his sufferings were really considerable. There was a slight degree of softening in upper part of dorsal region, and low down in lumbar region a small patch of advanced softening was seen. Rindfleisch,t likewise speaks of the" Herzpolypen," which may be called thrombi, usually formed through a roughness of the surface and The patient died suddenly, and in all probability from a displacement of the jxilypus, which Walsh t mentions several cases of sudden death from the formation of coagula in the three cases in which death occurred with a greater or less degree of suddenness from the formation of cardiac thrombi in acute disease, but I have been unable to find any record in the literature at my disposal where instant death resulted from the displacement of a thoroughly Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, University of Toronto; Physician to the Toronto General Hospital, etc. Woo, are giving their whole time to this work, and their efforts have already met with striking success. Fifield made an incision into the tunica vaginalis, laying bare the testicle under the carbolic spray, and applied the carbolized gauze and protective mackintosh after Lister's directions.

It was necessary to remove the sponges when, in consultation with Dr. However, I cauterized all the wounds with the nitrate of silver, using the utmost care, and detained the man in the hospital (price). I then asked for a consultation; and two other medical men saw her with me, one of whom, on account of there being no urgent symptoms, and no impulse on coughing, advised delay.

Nor, in spite of the laxity of the University, which he ranks next to Timbuctoo, do we know of any followers of Mohammed on the 004 lists of the College.

Ventricles slightly distended with blood-stained serum; dilated vessels on their walls. Urbantshitch could find no perforation in the embryonic drum to account for the Rivinian foramen, which has furnished so much material for anatomical discussions.

If a patient be feeble or wearied, and desirous of passing an hour upon his bed, or if he prefer to write or read without the presence of others, his room is near and within the heariuff and call of his attendant. Has seen it frequently in "retin" young horses brought from Mecklenburg and Holstein to large towns. They must, however, we presume, be mentioned in Parliament before To the Editor of the Medical Gazette.

At the crest of a wave the surface is compressed, while at the trough it is extended. These cases are of interest for various reasons.

The number of those who have come for aid has Colledge was not a medical missionary in the ordinary sense of the term, but he was a man of great devotion and piety, eager to employ his talents in the service of humanity and in the extension of the Kingdom of God.


The above manoeuvre practiced by the author was always accompanied by a good result, and the above-named symptoms did not appear at all or quickly disappeared on making use of it.


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