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A mass the size of a hen's egg presented.


No post-mortem examination of this case has, however, been published, and as syphilis has a tendency to form lowly organised tissue with little vitality, the exception may be more apparent than real.

To be a second choice, even under the most favorable circumstances, is always sulBciently humiliating; but to consent to be such in the present crisis would certainly indicate an utter absence of professional pride.

Then follows the account of the second annual dinner. The sensibility of his hands and feet was nearly perfect. The tumour appears to be solid, but cannot be traced into the pelvis. The United States Government, and Mr.

Graefe has before me pointed out the dangers and counterindications of a treatment by preparations of iron. Both supra-renal capsules were enlarged to the size of a small peach; soft, friable, reddish-gray. This fact is too often I have lately come to regard static electricity (franklinism) as more generally applicable to spasmodic conditions (hysteria, torticollis, blepharospasm, tremor, contracture, etc.) than either faradism or galvanism.

Leut said that the unsatisfactory results mentioned in the two cases reported by Dr.

Contributions to Pathology; being a Report of Fatal Cases taken from X. WHAT THE BRITISH MEDICAL PRESS THINKS OF THEM. He agreed that the cases should be judged with very great care, and he did not suggest thyrotomy in all of them. On the side of cream the uterus where the rupture occurred, the walls of the organ were extremely thin.

Lilienthal suggested that it was well to make as many preparations as possible for an operation without the patient knowing that it was to take strain. Translated from the German matter, comprising all the latest improvements and discoveries in Surgery in America and Europe, up to the 010 present time. DiflScult labors and a previous weakened condition of the patient predisposed to the development of the condition. There had been no sepsis to cause a pvamic abscess. Appoint, in the city of Buffalo, after due notice thereof is publiclv"iven and shall then examine all candidates of the age of twenty-one vears and upward, possessed of good moral character, who shall present themselves to be examined for license to practice midwiferv in the recorded by the clerk of the county of Erie in a book to be kept bv shall be applied to defray the expenses of this lioard. " In metrorrhagia and menorrhagia it is beneficial as a regulating agent, though sometimes disappointing.

Let the division of muscles and tendons in cases of contraction, and the excision of a portion of the tendon where paralysis exists, be faithfully followed by bathing, frictions, manipulations and proper apparatus, and this department of surgery cannot be too highly appreciated. His appetite is now very poor, his discharges involuntary, and all muscular motion is much paralyzed. Forty-four ounces of yellow fiuid escaped and a fistula remained open from May to October.

When there are repeated hemorrhages which make the patient anasmic. It is the slight e.xcess thus remaining in the blood which suffices to affect the brain and produce unconsciousness.

In snow ice was found eighty-one per cent, as much bacteria as in the water itself. This trickles from under the dressing, and if you taste it (as I have often done), you will find that it is extremely bitter, from the presence of the morphia, which is dissolved in it. Mothers, especially if they nurse their children, are morally certain to communicate to them something of any constitutional chronic disease they may have. If such an eruption does really exist, and if by laying open and cauterizing the vesicles the disease can be arrested, our fears will be set at rest. The patient while walking perhaps faster than usual is more or less suddenly arrested by pain in the chest, with a feeling as if and he is able to resume his walk, but only feebly and gently.


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