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Lambert saw fit to take up and indorse a treatment the peculiar virtues of which were not and are not apparent to other Were the public to know how curable the narcotic habits are under proper treatment, the amoimt of good that would be done is inestimable. It is this factor fully as much as its continuity of structure that causes the pharyngeal mucous membrane to share, as a general rule, in any inflammatory disorder of the nose or nasopharynx. The true standard of both the literary and scientific value of medical writings is easily determined; and no one would waste his time in pouring over pages which do not yield him something to take advantage of in practice, or to think upon in the formation of his opinions. A slight blow or fall upon an exposed joint is often sufficient to set up an inflammatory reaction which is slow in subsiding or may develop into a tuberculous arthritis. The autopsy proved the correctness of the Other causes of stenosis are: peribronchitis; (r) gummata in the walls of the larger bronchi.

At times it has been followed by marked improvement, especially in the early stages of the disease. A part is, however, changed into the acid phosphate of lime, and then aids in the decomposition of the tissues. A description of the methods of application Is given, and the results obtained in the various diseases are indicated. The susceptibility of this species under experimental conditions is relatively low, but it may breed in immense numbers, and evidence from laboratory experiments, as well as from the condition of adults caught in nature, indicates that it is a relatively longlived species.

The fever wards of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary are each capable of containing twenty patients. I saw him, however, perform hysterectomy for myoma in one case. The injury to the posterior vaginal wall and the perineum most often is so extensive that an attempt at repair is futile. Both onset and course may be latent or sudden, severe, even rapidly fatal (pleuritis acutissima). An initial leukocytosis may be due to hemorrhage alone. The nurse ought to be told, that as soon as she feels her immersed arms smarting with heat, the child must be taken out of the bath. We should not make this a question of this or that school (Edinburg, or Constantinople, or London) but learn what is the truth. Such forms were found on direct examination of the spinal fluid also.


His index for Staphylococcus albus was taken and found to injected into the back between the shoulders two days before operation. One improvement in his method over that of Lambert and Patterson is that the urine is kept alkaline to a saturated solution of methyl red in alcohol, on the basis that Fischer has shown that if the urine of a nephritic cannot be made alkaline to methyl red this patient continues in a dangerous state. There is a special chapter on bacteriology of ear affections. Buller, you are sure of seeing a host of operations: 75. The mortality is high with young animals, varying, however, with different epizootics. The authors studied the bone marrow of the femur in all of their cases. There is tenesmus produced by the partially protruding polyp. The pus may become offensive but the odor soon abates; the odor is less marked than in putrid bronchitis.

Of syphilis; lupus erythematosus of the face; three weak positive Wasserraanns, without evidence of lues; alveolar abscess, otherwise negative; papulonecrotic tuberculid of legs and evidence of lues; folliclis of hands; scars of papulonecrotic tuberculid of the body. Throat nourrisson Surgeon, Sir Patrick Dun's HoBpital, Dublin. Its operation is materially enhanced by the administration of an occasional dose of Pooopnyllm. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in alcohol, ether, hydrochloric acid, and solutions of alkalies. The remainder of the cyst layers and the wound closed in the ordinary condition at the end of the operation, but went into shock that night. The Foreman of the Jury requested an examination, but it was refused him: ranitidine. The patient died, and he did not know whether it was due to improper implantation or not. Had never been ill before the onset of the above symptoms, which developed along with evidences of the menopause.


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