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They are caused mechanically by the undue pressure narrow a boot, causing crowding of the large joints, are the more frequent causes of the com.

When little or no air passing backwards or forwards through the vibrating chink of the windpipe, voice of any tone cannot be not only when the air is going out of the chest, but when it is coming in; but in the latter case it is much more difficult, and occasionally does actually produce stuttering, when the person endeavours to speak during an attempt to draw in breath when the lungs are full." The principal causes of this habit of attempting to speak while the lungs are exhausted, are, he conceives, undue haste, and imitation; and the cure, as might be anticipated, consists in being careful always to inhale a sufficient quantity of air into the lungs, before attempting to speak, and proceeding at first to pi'onounce very slowly, till the foi'merbad habit is broken off. Swarms of flies feed on the decomposing contents of exposed garbage pans and bucikets, and carry their tiny germ-laden booty into the butcher shop of the poor and the kitchen of the millionaire. Wherever the highest development of physical who control the destinies of nations. The liver weighed seventy-one ounces; its parenchyma was pale, the acini well defined; the gall-bladder contained an ounce of bile. El niuslo y todo el iniembro inferior del lado derecho atacados de un de los follculos pilosos, aparecian como anchas y profundas grietas; en la parte Dados los antecedentes del caso y en presencia de un estado tan alarmante, el diagnostico no podia ser dudoso; se trataba de"una piistula maligna que liabia llegado rapidamente al periodo de infeccion," y coino conseciiencia se desprendla muerte, con los medios de que dispcmia entonces la ciencia.


I once met a church member, and between us passed the following colloquy; living child without legs or arms; is that truer' I answered in the affirmative.

It is only a question of time when such sanitaria will become more widely distributed, and we can then select the climate most beneficial for a given subject. Professors should not be dependent upon the number of pupils, but should IV. Ferred to the division hospital, where he recovered, partially at least, and was returned to his regiment, though at what time is not known, as the records of the division hospital are not on file. Colds, inflammation of longs, and pleural, nepatic, and intestinal derangements are diseases of local origin, though the prevailing diseases in garrison are triamcinolone generally such as would arise from error in diet, cold, and sudden changes. Newspapers require to be unfolded with care; if rudely handled they break. Que la historia del ejercito es la de nuestro cuerpo.

The large intestine was extensively ulcerated.

Are they not the substantial stepping-stones in the uplifting and opening opportunities of our science? The topic of the day," pure and wholesome milk," goes not unrecognized. Perhaps Dublin is the The Ear is taught by two very able and distinguished men, Qruber and Politzer. It is eliminated from the System almost entirely through the Kidneys To avoid substitution, order in original package, thus: made under the personal supervision of Prof, von Behring and Institute for Experimental Therapy" at Frankfort-on-Main. These attacks come again and again, and at irregular intervals. He complains of sore throat; the enlarged cervical glands are painful.

This has been shown for several years and every season brings up some new and improved pluii, device, or ajiparatiis by which the street current can be utilized. On the fundus of it five marks from puncturing could be distinctly recognized. On cutting into these, we found cavities containing a dark green, opaque fltud, of the On cutting through the liver in various directions, similar cavities were everywhere found. Investigations in dairy sanitation have shown the importance of producing and handling milk under clean conditions, and a significant factor in attaining that result is the score-card system of dairy inspection, according to Messrs. JUDICIAL RECOGNITION OF IRRESPONSIBILITY IN ALCOHOLIC Chairman of the British Medical Association Inebriates" Legislation Committee; President of the (British) Society for the Study of Inebriety; Consulting Physician to the Dairy mple Home. The log houses at the old fort, formerly quarters for officers of the command, are now occupied by laundresses and married soldiers.


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