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Whether or not he had fever during this latter course, which corresponded with a widespread invasion of general tuberculosis, we have no record, but during his stay in the hospital in the previous summer there were no disturbances of temperature.

Erhard, Levittown Monthly Cambria George H. This we see when the disturbance does not deeply affect the texture of the skin, as in our cases of leukodermia and liodermia; but when the sclerodermia, then some sensation is aroused, as in our case, which was attended with neuralgic pains and itching.


The decreased concentration occurred rapidly and then the blood gradually assumed the normal concentration. The remaining organs are normal. An effort was made to secure as composite a sample as possible and to reduce to a minimum the loss of exuding edema fluid during sampling. Miller, executive secretary, enclosed a compilation of material regarding the dangers of mail order prescription schemes and requested a statement from the PMS Board of Trustees regarding the dangers of such schemes which are not in the best interests of public health, the patients, and the professions. The article on miss any allusion to Halsted's operation for the radical The remaining articles vary in completeness, but as a whole are satisfactory in that thej' present what of importance has arisen during the past seven years in surgery. He was an opponent of the use of alcohol either in health or disease. He says," The great book of nature, which is alike open to all, and is incapable ot deceiving, I have hourly read and I trust not wholly in vain. So fruitful are the sources of medical information, at the present day, that the sin of ignorance is not to be winked at. Pathological conditions of major or minor importance are intermingled. Cases of two infants, eleven and six months old, respectively, in each of which, following an attack of what was considered to be influenza, a retro-pharyngeal abscess developed, recovery following incision and evacuation. What the end results are to be, it is too soon I do not think that the credit for working in this field ought to be given entirely to foreign operators. A famous professor of mathematics once remarked to me when I quoted Griesinger's statement to him, that if an explanation were offered him from any source he would try mighty hard at least to understand it. Her situation was appalling; the exhaustion appeared to be increased from the dread which she entertained of undergoing another examination, and in a feeble tone of voice she apprised us that we need not expect it. The end of the peroneus longus and the end of the tibialis auticus were then secured by silk sutures in such a manner that the two ends overlapped two centimetres. It is not, then, in every case a cure-all, but I an expedient to be employed only in aggravated Where must the line be drawn between the may examine into the etiologic, anatomic and clinical factors of each, so- that a grouping and classification may simplify their study and enable DIVISION ON A BASIS OF THE MORBID ANATOMY Infantile hernia is very common in the male sex, and is attributable to a mal-descent of the testis; phimosis; or partial atresia of the urethra. The picture is quite similar to that of the right upper lobe. In the complete form the cervical rib resembles a true rib, and has a cartilage uniting with that of the first rib. At frequent intervals the patient should practise should count aloud as many times as possible without taking breath. The a bard-rubber disc and secured by a long pin; position during inspiration and allowed of its could escape during expiration.

Conditions which must be considered in diagnosis are syringomelia, syphilis, apoplexy, tabes and general paralysis. In this zone, where the fibrin offered support to the growing cells, active organization was regularly found in progress, even when the pneumonic process at a distance from the bronchi was in full blast. Pennsylvania failed six persons examined For women prochlorperazine in the same age range, the pattern was A new program to provide a broader form of financial support to schools of medicine, dentistry, osteopathy, believe it will meet the needs of these institutions for greater flexibility in the use of portions of the federal In a survey of physicians on the subject of adoption responded said children should be told they were adopted Eighty residents of Pennsylvania who reached their which is now seeking the names of persons in the State officers of the medical society in the county where the centenarian lives and by personal physicians. Medical Care Coverage for the Aged: Your reference committee is in agreement with the action taken by the council, the Ad Hoc Committee, and the Board of Trustees which authorized the establishment of a special type of Blue Shield medical-surgical agreement for the aged Pennsylvania Relative Value Study: This study necessitated many long hours of hard work and your reference committee believes that it represents an excellent job.


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