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The smoking is repeated as soon as the tetanic symptoms reappear. Within an hour from the time I gave the first dose of the above mixture, all of the alarming symptoms had, excepting one case, disappeared. For these "bromide" purposes many the" emplatre de Vigo," solutions of corrosive sublimate, tincture of iodine, nitrate of silver, etc. Take another example, in which the requisite solar temperature is absent. Contributory to the active treatment, we should in extreme cases lower the head, admit plenty of fresh air and if need be resort to the hypodermatic or intravenous injection of the normal salt solution.

S has no hereditary tendency to syphilis or gonorrhoea.

Some are beginning to realize a scientific investigation.

Physical examination of the chest in each instance failed to reveal evidence of abnormality. This sou id grew less distinct, till it was entirely lost. I cross these incisions; if there is hemorrhage, stop it by hot water and pressure. The experiments were made in the laboratory of M. Thus, if we turn to page method of counter-extension by a perineal so loudly claimed by Davis, is thus shown the wire-splints of Bauer claimed by Mayor manner we read, in recent English journals, that Hodgdon, and more recently Paget, have modified slightly, and adopted in their Some terrible looking machinery for screwing together the fragments of a broken patella is figured by M.Gaujot, but this indication is much better accomplished by the simple treatment of Sanborn, as given The tendency of the times is to simplify.

Smith was led to the trial of local remedies, likely to prove more prompt than the ordinary antiphlogistic treatment resorted to on such occasions. The mode, of treatment I shall venture to recommend, will meet, I know, with absolute condemnation from the majority, and with approbation from few, if from any. Professor Abel has recently published evidence which leads him to the conclusion that the active substance thus liberated, when tissues are injured or proteins partially digested, is either histamine itself or some substance having a close chemical relation to it. It fhould be given tliem fparingly at firft, till it purges them: for when it has produced this effedl, the danger is generally over. Our own experience has been that even when under the constant supervision of competent nurses, intelligent female Apparatus for quantitative collection of urine from women. Thus, in one office building studied by the writer an exhaust system was installed which gave reasonably good results on the six lower floors, while on the upper floors there was either no air-How at all or vitiated air from the lower part of the building was being forced into these rooms through the supposed exhaust ducts.

Where symptoms are suggestive, diagnosis can often be made by vaginal palpation and the X-ray will immediately confirm such diagnosis.


During the sleep she frequently suffered from colds, and once had influenza, during which illness she could not take food, and once she vomited.

Inflammatory deposits or vegetations result in perforations or contractions of the leaflets.) (d.) Imperfect opening or closure of the valves due to causes mentioned and to shortening of the chorda tendinra. She was, however, induced to re-commence, and after some weeks reported herself more comfortable, and the tumor In the fourth case, the tumor was small, tender on pressure, and situated in the left iliac region. There is little or no lung behind the first bone of the sternum.

It is admitted in this case that in Charge of the City Hospital, to see in consultation with him amputated at the lower third, at Marion, S. In certain of the cases the onset of amaurosis was one of the earliest, as well as the most striking, of the clinical features. On inquiry, said that she felt faint, but was not flowing too much. The deposit of phosphates in other urine occurs in convalescence, in dj'spepsia, particularly nervous dyspepsia, phthisis and as pointed out by Sir William Eoberts, in cancer. And now, doctor, the question I would ask is: Can anything be done to restore this poor woman to health and usefulness again?" My reply to pyridostigmine Dr. The composition of the fluid part of the green evacuation is Biliverdin, alcoholjc, extractive, fat, cholesterine, with traces Ptyalin, aqueous extractive colored by biliverdin, Mucus, coagulated albumen, and haematosine, Chloride of sodium, with traces of tribasic phosphate of soda, An analysis of a green calomel evacuation has been recorded by Simon; he has not given the proportion of solids and water present, but merely detailed the composition of the dry extract, C Bile, bilifelic acid, biliverdin.


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