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It is evident in conclusion, that the investigations into EAE have proved to be both fruitful and promising. Occasionally this may obviate the With regard to treatment by drugs it is difficult to speak with certainty. How many of these great names can you drop? (Answers are in column at left.) With Neo-Synephrine, nasal passages open quickly for examination and initial therapy. In one case the joints were affected by Charcot's disease, and symmetrical bullae formed about the feet; there was also a marked and persistent cutis anserina and an abnormal growth of hair on the legs. The specific gravity of the urine is diminished. There is also the peculiarity that these patients can write as well with the eyes closed as when they are open, and the still further peculiarity that they cannot subsequently read what they have written except by a manoeuvre which causes a stimulus to pass in the reverse passing the tip of the finger over the outlines of the letters and so reading off the result. It is inconvenient on account of its insolubility; this is true also of the citrate, which again I have tried extensively, The bromide of zinc is more soluble, but is not well tolerated by the stomach. There are two types of these tubes: one is passed through the mouth and the other is introduced into the CEsophagus by way of the inferior meatus of one of the nasal cavities, a flexible rattan stilet being inserted into the tube before it is passed, and withdrawn after the tube is in position. The injection of tuberculin has been shown to be practically valueless in leprosy by a considerable number of observers including myself. That they do not ordinarily prove so in the mouth is no more singular than that woorari can be swallowed with normally in the internal organs of' the body; but Koch' states that he has on many occasions examined normal blood and normal tissues by means which prevented the possibility of overlooking bacteria, or of confounding them with granular masses of equal size, and that he has never in a single instance found organisms. In the Chemical Corps should be minocin retained as a separate branch of the Army. These did occur in the only two who had. Tliis change of posture allows the womb to settle lower in the pelvis, and an immediate advance of the presenting part will Turgard,Mfjas the residt of a study of cases which he reports, believes that when, in posterior position of the head, the occiput has been artificially rotated forward and later has shown a tendency to return to its former position, one may suspect that the funis is coiled around the neck. The cerebellum regulates the muscular contractions necessary for our attitudes in space, wlide the cerebrum regulates the contractions necessary to effect all changes of attitude which are made in response to successive impressions occurring or tonic muscular contractions. Conversely, minor attacks may replace convulsive seizures, and often do so as the result of treatment. The supinator longus and brevis, the biceps, the brachialis anticus, the deltoid, the supraand infra- spinatus, the teres minor muscles, and the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major muscle were paralyzed; the trapezius, rhomboidei, teres major, and subscapularis muscles were paretic, no other muscles being aflected. Among pigs it arises frequently from feeding with large quantities of innutritions and indigestible food poor in lime, such as kitchen refuse, or from an exclusive diet of potatoes, as a consequence of which rickets is always most common among young pigs after an abundant potato harvest. During the first few the time, however, when the rash has reached its full development, usually the third or fourth day, this relation between the height of the temperature and the amount of urea commonly disappears. General Character of the Various Kinds of Mange and Classification of the Acarina as found on Various produce clinically different kinds of mange, which are due to the manner of life of the acarus. First of all, form a rela tionship. The striking point is the limitation to the palm and palmar surfaces of the skin, the region of normal physiological hyperkeratinisation.

In his anatomical and physiological studies he came very close to the discovery of the circulation of the blood. Vomiting is comparatively rare, but there is, even in the early stages, a complete failure of the appetite, with great thirst.


The brainsubstance directly beneath the pia is cedematous, its sectional surface showing a moist lustre, and, if it be pressed, a little serum gathers later in the hollow thus made.

The deposits of scales and scabs may in course of time become as tliick as the finger. They are almost invariably discrete. The central theme chosen for the scientific program of two local speakers were asked to lecture to round out the program. The temperature in the meantime rises rapidly, generally attaining its fastigium within twenty -four or thirty hours from the onset of the disease; and reaches some point respiration is hurried and laborious, and the pulse accelerated, full and bounding. To this are probably due in great part the curative results of electrotherapy in nerve diseases.


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