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The latter consists of such records and reports as are required at a Hospital Station concerning the patients and professional activities. All contributors are urgently asked to send in their material on typewritten sheets and use only one side planned to hold several public meetings during the year. If what is now asked for Not th-west London were asked for St. Thus though potent vaccine practically always gives a reaction, whether or not the subject is immune, one cannot judge of the potency of vaccine by the results in revaccination; subjects previously unvaccinated are necessary for such a test, should be obtained in every case. Mull for bandages dressing carried by every soldier Verband-torf, ni. When kept in solution, it tends to deteriorate after a time (Arnozan). Alford states," this is attributable, not merely to the generally improved sanitary condition of the district, but, to a great extent, to the existence of the sanitary hospital, by w hich many severe and dangerous outbreaks of infectious diseases were factory, where all the sufferers had been employed. It seemed to me slower in producing narcosis, which, beside, did not continue so long or deep as is generally required.

A little turpentine mixed with the soap and water is good. Revaccination immediately afterwards was also unsuccessful; but, on being ngain revaccinated, both children yielded vesicles, five out of six points of insertion succeeding. There are five or six female attendants; but none qualified for the proper management of the sick.

Sucli as New York, Philadelphia, New Haven, Mill River, Connecticut, and Norfolk, Virginia.

Even in larger cavities, this lobular origin remains for a long time evidenced by the persistence of trabecular The softening, which begins at a bronchial termination, gradually proceeds through the consolidated lobule as far as its fibrous boundaries, or it may even extend beyond the latter.

Emile Gaboriau, and especially Lecoq the Detective, give interesting descriptions of the workings of this system. Friend would at all times be ready to give them due consideration, but he had not prepared a general scheme for compensation to those officers.

Wilberforce Williams of on discussing the paper read by Dr.

The alveolar contents of certain cutaneous cancers are cells resembling those of the deeper layers of the rete mucosum, while those of other cancers of the skin resemble rather the epithelium of sweat-glands.

Vascular nevi liave been designated according to their color, shape, and distribution: mark"), ncevus araneus, ncevus prominens, ncevus vasculosus tuherosus, mulberry, or strawberry, nevus; venous nevus, online pulsating nevus, ncevus unius usually limited to the papillary layers of the corium, rarely extending beyond the subcutaneous cellular tissue. We have been in close touch with each of these state meetings and it is very gratifying to note the progress we The Secretary of the Association desires that attention be called to the fact that our membership roll'is addresses have been omitted, and he is asking through these columns that this mistake may be corrected by any member, whose name or complete address did not appeal' in the first issue, sending same to the Secretary. The Aberdeen SmaU-pox Hospital return for the past week shows the total number of cases admitted since the deaths occurred from the disease in the metropolis last week; in the two previous weeks they had been fifty-four and thirty, PEOTECTION TO A DOCTOR.

The principal seat of angiomata is in the papillary layers of the corium, but the entire corium as well as the no hypoderm may be involved. Advertisements must therefore be sent to the Fublishintf OfKcc not later than One o'clock oh Thursday.


The constitutional character which the author admits is an inherent congenital tendency, which may fatty tumours, or wens. It would make general correspondence more systematic and more thoroughly understood. Prynne of Plymouth, who certified him to be unfit to be removed; that, nevertheless, the patient was removed by Browning's orders to the Royal Naval Hospital, at the peril of his life. Blue sclerotics, as Buchanan has shown, indicate a deficiency of fibrous tissue cases fragilitas ossium is an inherited dyscrasia the origin of which is still unknown: prescription. Priestley Smith some fifteen years ago, which the writer says, may be used as a pupillometer. Purchase - the wealthy are more prone to it than the poor, owing to dietetic errors and sedentary habits, the latter cause also explaining the disease's predilection for persons deprived of physical exercise, such as clergymen, lawyers, clerks, etc.


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