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In fact almost all tumors I have seen operated upon were complicated with adhesions, and these too happened in countries where electricity had never been employed. The wound was seven eighths of an inch deep, of a spongy appearance, and revealed not only a divided plexus of veins, but some small arteries as well.

Belladonna was the drug that suggested itself at once, and I determined to give it a trial, all the more hopefully because I remembered how strikingly useful on similar indications, and by a parity of reasoning, I had often found it in ordinary conjunctivitis and simple catarrh. There are two forms of heart-strain: of an individual great and continued effort. The pulse and the respiration need no attention.

In rarer cases the inflammation gives rise to a purulent product, causing a diffused infiltration, circumscribed globular mentioned by some writers, but I have been unable to glean any data of importance concerning tliera. I have compared the secretion from this tumor to the milk from the breast. We may have such a rupture of the perinnjum, or vagina, or vestibule, or cervix, or uterus itself, or of the synchondrosis or the symphysis pubis, or a fracture of any portion of the pelvis. Danforth, Sage and Miller I concluded to scrape the dead bone and drain the parts diseased. At a short distance from this spring is a mountain formed in great part of sulphur, of which Dr. This wall is not distinctly divisible into layers, but looks like dense, smooth muscular tissue.


It is also very common in Russia, especially in the central parts Estlander,f on the other hand, shows that primary calculous disorders are almost unknown in Finland, the University Hospital case-books containing the case of only one Finlander with stone originating in the kidney during a period of forty-four years.

Advanced Course in Oratory Assistant Professor Savage XXI.

Matthews Duncan; and a paper on the treatment of post-partum haemorrhage by means of hypodermic injections of crgotinine, by Dr. The watch could only be heard when in contact with the ear, and the tuning-fork was heard better on the side of the inflamed ear. It is said to be very effectual in relieving the pain of dysmenorrhoea. The treasurer's report was a favorable one, Dr.

As a contribution to leaves, and has had an alcoliolic extract made from the former, and a tincture from the latter. Edward Clark, of Buffalo, New York, made a report on the collection and transportation of garbage and refuse in cities. A small amount of fat is almost constantly present in the normal ripe placenta, and is to be regarded as physiological.

This experiment is merely confirmatory of what everyday experience with the substance teaches. One of the most interesting features of the case was that the uterine contractions induced contraction of the abdominal dressing for wounds is given as Volkman's: The antiseptic carbolic gauze next the skin. When we have to treat cases belonging to the first class, we should at once remove the local cause and the secondary constitutional symptoms will soon disappear. The library of the department contains a collection of historic and recent works, the best standard books being purchased as soon as issued. Adams, who has given our best English resume upon the subject, says he cut at first many times, believing he was cutting tendons.

D., Secretary of the Faculty, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Twenty-third Street and Fourth Avenue. An old man seventy-six years of glipizide age.

A secondary, though possible, result of this manner of living is the liability of rupturing some blood-vessel, with consequent serious results, sis in the case of certain lung flukes which may chance upon some large blood-vessel and in this way produce even fatal hemorrhage.


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