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All the speakers agreed as to the paramount importance of disturbing the pointed out that paralysis of the muscles of respiration might occasionally be mistaken for cardiac failure in the later stages of diphtheria. Graduates of this school are admitted without fee. Moreover, albuminoid material, as it exists in the animal flesh, is more easy of digestion in the human stomach than the albuminoid material as it exists in the vegetable world; therefore a certain amount of meat is necessary. Early in December Duchenne's trocar was used to extract a piece of the rectus femoris, but nothing could be discovered of muscular tissue, leading thus to the belief that the apparatus had not caught any of the of Dr. But, I beg thy pardon, this theme is very like unto a wheel, which hath neither beginning nor end, but whose spokes tend to tire." the Ohio Medical University at Columbus, Dr. The patient informed me, metronidazole that for the past eleven years, on an average, she had had fifty of these paroxysms in twenty four hours, during profound sleep, as well as iu her waking hours. With regard to the use of the vaccines, he did not think they were called for in this type of cases. He had found a complete agreement between the calculated heat of fermentation of sugar, from the thermochemical figures, with the fermentative values of the decomposition of sugar. He passed about twenty ounces of urine each day, until May I. The proposition that putrefaction toxins directly raise the blood pressure has received positive support from recent experiments by Dale, who found that a intravenous injection of parahydroxyphenylethylamine. When Genitourinary Organs are at Fault Very frequently, it will be found that the genitourinary organs are at fault and treatment directed here will control the pain and other manifestations. He did not agree at all with those who included the so-called relative fields of the lower part of the frontal convolutions and the frontal parts of the temporal convolutions. Fortunately the indications for purgatives are so many and so constantly present, that they can almost always be used. (This condition was recent,, came on a few days before death as a result of violent respiratory efforts, and was recognized by subjective symptoms and physical signs.) Slight chronic endarteritis with atheromatous degeneration was The digestive tract and kidneys were sound. Very commonly in the treatment of gastric dyspepsia proper, pepsin is given in such absurdly small doses as to be almost useless, and yet the prescription as it is taken is intended to aid the true gastric juice, which is not thought strong enough to be capable of performing its functions aright. 'I'he however, rarely found in any instance below lOO. It is a colony which was founded only twelve short years ago by a body of Jewish idealists who came from Eussia fired with the desire of founding a self-supporting settlement in the land of their fathers. He took his breakfast as usual at "gel" about nine o'clock. A distinct sense that it had been cut and was bleeding under the upper lip. The recommendation of the bromide in diphtheria is unsupjiorted by any valid proof; but as a remedy for convulsive affections and increased reflex irritability it surpasses all other drugs. To put enough life into a theoretical point so that it will force its way into the thought of all the students and not merely that small percentage of them who are naturally inclined to theorise, it is almost essential to create an atmosphere of practical urgency. These two broad divisions may be defined by considering two short questions: What is the case for treatment? and What shall be done for its cure or relief? Ability to decide the first is gained by a general knowledge of medicine, which implies a familiarity with the learning in every department. Table J does not demonstrate this; in fact, it complicated, however, by the fact that a history of parental tuberculosis undoubtedly called for more care in selection than one of fraternal tuberculosis. Arguing from the fact that the source of syphilis is prostitution, he urges that' if it is cut off at the source the stream will cease to flow." In the interest of humanity, and of the fallen women themselves, some protective measures are, he contends, urgently demanded. Once an electric fuse blew out and scorched his eyes, but it was not unsteady, expression staring and blank; his skin shows no scars. Adduction of the fingers much weaker than abduction on the left, this included the thumb and little finger. The Medico-Actuarial Mortality Investigation will doubtless show come conclusions of value from a study of the medical impairments. The extension of the medical curriculum to five years was a great advance in medical education, but the full benefits of the additional year will not be realised until further modifications in the methods and arrangement of teaching have been devised.


After the use of any of these, a mild mercurial ointment will be found to act rapidly and efficiently. Happy, indeed, is that mortal who hath no need to find out what he hath within; for God-willed, God-bubbling, spontaneous function is the rhythm of life, the sweet music of unimpeded use. The same order of phenomena with little variety was noted for several days, and finally yielded to large doses of quinia.

Patient gradually grew weaker, and died twenty-four hours after the opera Dr. For the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine.


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