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Inflammation of bone is a very frequent cause of a phlebitis which leads to pyaemic infection. The clinical picture is now one of deformities, the most common of which are talipes equino varus and valgus, pes calcaneus, contracture of the knee in the flexed position, scoliosis, and lordosis.

In a rather exten sive experience with meningitis I think there is much more good done by performing puncture for diagnostic purpose than by avoiding it.

Recovery takes place from the paralysis, and there is reason to believe that the spasm will not return even after a complete restoration of the normal function of the nerve. Repeat Oil, blood; otherwise much better. Lavinder, Francis, Harris and Dearman had previously published the results of their observations on monkeys that had been inoculated with filtrates from ground liver, spleen, cord and brain substance from pellagrins and these workers furnished the only direct evidence at the time that pellagra was a communicable disease. Abdominal palpation is practised much more frequently upon the female than upon the male, and the gynecologist, with tactile sense sharpened by daily practice in bimanual examination, is much more likely to discover minor degrees of the lesion than is the general practitioner.

To suit the local conditions I determined that any expenditure should be on works of a permanent nature. " One most important detail connected with antimalarial work is continuity of policy, of supervision, and: subsequent upkeep. The ophthal moscopic picture is quite characteristic, ami has been well described by a and that treatment should at once be directed to the vascular condition. One-third grain should be given every fifteen minutes (Bartholow Called, also, fish-skin disease, is a rare malady.

These minute dilatations on the smaller vessels themselves give rise to no symptoms that can be distinguished, and so in many, probably most cases of cerebral hemorrhage, there are no premonitory symptoms. Bead before the American Academy of Medicine, New York, October office of the Journal of the American Medical pamphlet gives the history of the recent malarial invasion of a region which for many years was supposed to be situated north given the subject profound study, supplemented by abundantclinical experience.


Tension had been but little above normal at any time since the operation. The operation of excision is performed The skin of the scrotum, having been shaved and well washed, is enveloped iu a carbolic dressing, which is left on for twelve or twentyfour hours preceding operationAfter the patient has been anesthetized, and every antiseptic precaution adopted, the cord of the affected side is caught between the left finger and thumb over the site of the varicocele; the vas deferens, which is easily felt, is allowed to slip backward, leaving the enlarged veins within the grasp. " These experiments point to poisoning by a toxic ptomaine, and not buy to the direct action of pathogenic bacteria on the animal organism." An alkaloidal extract obtained from the stomach contents and another from the vomit proved rapidly fatal to animals.

One doctor who thought he had cancer of the stomach had to stop on his way to my room on account of dyspnea. Histologically, there is evidence of acute destruction of nerve tissue, not at all confined to the gray matter, together with vascular congestion and lymphocyte accumulations in the perivascular sheaths. In children he thought the the difficulty of diagnosis was greatest (hydrochloride). I have yet to learn of fifteen years of age who were vaccinated with the animal virus in their infancy, and in none of them have I been able to produce any H. This claim was ignored by all other states with the exception of Pensylvania. Tlie chair was occupied mg by the President, Dr. They were reduced under chloroform, but she never 25 recovered from the sickness caused by the chloroform, and died.


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