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External supports and astringents had been tried, but had failed. Soon it turned its head back, uttered plaintive cries, turned several times on itself, and died. If thix power be still retained, it is generally manifested weakly, imperfectly, and insufficiently, as regards the constitution, physical and moral, of the ofTspring. : two years and six months, and tiie rapidity with which sensation and motion returned is my only excuse for publishing the case. He received on the first day three doses of half a gramme each. If there is reason to believe tlint pus has not been formed, a leech should be applied to the gum, and aperients given; but, should you find a circumscribed swellins; in the gum over the tooth, it is pretty certain that pus is making its way outwards, and the i)art should be freely incised. The points only of the fangs are denuded of periosteum. Dessau had seen a large number of children, in dispensary and private practice, and could recall but a single case of stone.


Holt then removed the leg by the flap operation. The institution is the only special hospital for women and children in the of the charity are: i. After several vicissitudes, the child had a violent parozvsm of coughing, followed by expectoration of something which was probably the false membrane, but which was swallowed, and immediately afterwards the child was relieved, and ultimately recovered. In hip-joint disease, even in the early stage, in order to get these lines to cross at right angles, tbe leg must be flexed. According to Liebig, Urate of magnesia may be prepared artificially by adding sulphate of magnesia to a boilmg saturated solution of urate of potash.

Spencer Wells said his personal experience of pelvic haematocele was chiefly as a seqnel of ovariotomy. I had such an opportunity last summer, in the case of a little girl; and the following, in few words, is a description of the structure of the tough opaque membrane which occupied the place of the lost cornea. At a meeting of the Cork board of guardians, held last week, it was other unions was less than in Cork, the medical officers were receiving higher salaries than were paid in the Cork union. McDonald conoljoiated the views of Dr. As with most other radical or palliative operations, the patient bad the better chance the earlier he was operated upon; and this was especially so in gastrostomy, where the surgeon only fed, but the patient still required power to digest; yet he would not withhold gastrostomy even from cases presenting themselves late in the disease, where starvation was the only prospect, though he thought the anaesthetic added much to the ingredients existing share of depression in the patient.

At this d.ate, antiseptic dressing was discontinued, in consequence of irritation produced by the carbolic acid. The secondary fissures, or sulci, will be eniunerated in describing the lobes. Bands; a large one is especially noticeable in the centre of the forehead. Her appearance was rather anxious; her face slightly flushed; skin warm and dry; tongue slightly furred; pulse frequent, and with power.

The patient had been born lame, and, when an infant, had been under surgical treatment; tenotomy had been performed with temporary relief only. Several of the ulcers had cicatrized, but the majority still persisted and presented fistulous orifices, from which there was a constant discharge of suppurating tumors, arranged in a row along the course of the lymphatics of the superior limb, and developed successively from below upwards.


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