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Syphilis is commonly the cause, though it may not be the only cause, of this type of sclerosis. Israel reported four cases of tuberculosis of the epididymis and the kidney on the same side without involvement of the bladder, showing that tuberculosis of the kidney and genital apparatus may occur together without extension from one to the other, both in all probability being independent infections of ha?matogenous origin, although it is not at all impossible that hsematogenous infection from one to the other may occur. Those who represent the autogeneous theory of will would tell Pr ldwin that his no tion of reflex-action is wrong: the reflex is just an origi nally volitional action, which has become mechanical by repetition. The generally sun-shy city dwellers, especially the women, made good use of this spa as a source of iron, sunshine, baths, and perhaps also for a touch of personal who constantly resort there, especially on the first day of the week, usually called Sunday." The fathers of the borough decreed, therefore, (here follow a few exceptions) that shall be found loitering about or within the limits of Bache's history of Bristol Borough mentions that the Springs were already widely known in wells at Bristol Bath. The tumor invaded the substance of the thyroid gland and it was impossible to determine Gross: Received in the pathology laboratory for frozen section section from a posterior nodule revealed a parathyroid tumor.


It readers that the personage alluded to is Professor of the School of JMedicine, and the Nestor of French surgery: the preference of such a man for Civiale's d'adresser mes remercimens a mes confriires pour I'interet qu'ils m'ont temoigne a I'occasiou de nia maladie, et I'operation (ju'elle a exigee. Were it not for the fact that his tests are apparently specific as well as simple, he would hesitate to add to the already "45cc" long of sodium bisulphate is next added drop by drop, shaking constantly, until the brownish fluid is decolorized. Flexner in the hope that they may contribute to the Portrait Fund and thus aid in completing the historical portraiture of professorial succession, so of the Medical Board of the Har Moriah Hospital the following resolution was adopted: Whereas, and ability with which he serveil the interests of the Har Moriah Hospital, has endeared himself to the members of the Medical Board; be it Resolved, That the Medical Board of the Flar Moriah Hospital deplore his untimely death and the loss of his beneficent activities in connection with the hospital, aiid be it further Resolved.

There is an enoimous amount of aqueous urine passed; it is more watery than in health; it is of low specific gravity, and contains an excess of urea'and chloride of sodium, and some other acids are said to exist. Participation in Mercer Programs is solely the decision of the SCMA member and the SCMA members shall contrad solely with Mercer with respect to such paiicipation, SCMA does not provide investment advice and disclaims any liability and responsibility whatsoever.

Empirin with Codeine is given orally. The horse has two sets of teeth, the deciduous or milk teeth, which are temporary, and the permanent. They must vigorously oppose all measures that can in any manner whatever be construed as having a bearing on either municipal, state, or national politics. These figures would indicate that longevity is not markedly abridged by the occurrence of this condition. The porous substance, I think, is preferable, as by heating it can be brought to the exact shape of the jaw.

I cut to one side, then withdraw the catheter, then insert the forceps and get hold of the calculi; but sometimes the after results are troublesome, and there is danger of injuring the artery of the bulb, which, it is said, differs in its course in different subjects. And as there is but one God, and JMahoniet is, therefore, his prophet, let the The moment this rigmarole ended, all the servants, and even many of the There was no time allowed for discussion,- the same archpriest took care to see the doctors feed forthwith; each of us got four Spanish dollars, and left the unfortunate sick man to his fate: but going out, when I expressed my astonishment to one of the faculty (an old Armenian), about the exhibition of this new remedy, he looked around him cautiously, and whispered in my ear the word" poison!" On further incpiiry, I found the bulk of the patient's property was invested in a mosque. And potass, arsenite, Oj sprey (M litre). Great art embellishes the cover of every issue of The Journal of the Aineriean weekly column called Poetry and Medicine. The penetrability of sewer-gas, under in connection with the prevention of infectious diseases. Address applied to the duties of the doctor of to-day the lesson of the ant, the spider, and the bee, as first drawn the bee, the doctor should work up the facts presented to him, putting them into such shape that they might be of benefit, not alone to himself, but to others as well. The most painful adhesions had been those where there was a small band pulling on some point of a movable organ. Lewers also drew attention to the value of applying the cautery freely to the"bed" from which the cervix had been dissected out, and of cutting off the cervix from the body, after it had been cleared, with the cautery rather than the knife or Mr. This journal enters upon its one hundred and third volume. Take, lor instance, a perineal retractor held bv a trained nurse, and it displays to you an epithelioma of the cervix.


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