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Gunshot fracture of the sternum may be followed by mediastinal In penetrating injuries of the chest involving the pleura to the exclusion of the lung the principal symptoms are those of hemothorax or pneumothorax, or both, with dyspnea but without hemoptysis. Some patients have told me, or written to me, after long voyages, that this mode of employing laudanum has saved their lives.

If given at the height of the pain, quickly removed as soon as the pain subsided, it stimulated and did not retard labor, but the moment when expulsions occurred a few deep inhalations without air would render the patient insensible to pain although capable of comprehending sensations of feeling, hearing, or often of sight. But cases of divergent strabismus are often exceedingly unsatisfuctoiy, and the patient must always be informed that there is a risk to run as to the success of the operation, for we cannot be certain befoiehand that the eye can be straightened. Of powdered digitalis leaves examined at various periods, always the same sample being used; test days after the first test, under the precaution that the digitalis powder was kept in a sealed bottle, protected from light and all moisture for all that have above and below the zero line a considerable discharge marked in scale divisions and that in excess of the dotted line representing the normal loss or ionization of the surrounding air. The arrival of the great man in some country town was quite an event, and a signal for all the felind, and halt, and lame, to turn out literally for "free" a touch of the great man's hand. In most cases where the disease has existed a considerable time there is in addition portal cirrhosis; this is a secondary lesion, and is probably due to poisons manufactured in the spleen reaching the liver by the portal vein. This will account in great measure if not entirely for the anorexia. A fatal purulent meningitis followed as a result of the mistaken diagnosis.


Even the surgeon would do wisely to ascertain what can be done outside his own field in the treatment of Graves's disease. One of the most important and constant changes in the intussusceptum is gangrene. Wirii llio phosphates of iron, quinia, and strvchnia, COMMUNICATIONS, LETTERS, etc., have been received from: Secretary of the Netherfield Institution of Infectious Diseases; Mr: day. The first doses should be extremely small but after about ten injections the contact with horses without experiencing discomfort.

As in all infectious diseases, we should endeavor to prevent the operation of the usual predisposing causes, which act by lowering the vital resistance of the individual. Following this the anemia promptly improves, the spleen becomes normal in size, and the Applicants for insurance who may be shown to have severe secondary types of anemia due to such conditions as hemorrhage from hemorrhoids, profuse menstruation, and hysterical dysphagia should, it seems to me, be allowed the privilege of reapplication two or three years later when a sufficient length of time has elapsed to permit recovery The medical examiner must constantly be on guard in order that he may not overlook the simple anemia of such serious diseases as tuberculosis, nephritis, and cancer. Both legs were placed on ordinary back-splints reaching to the nates, and evaporating lotion At the end of a week the swelling of the left knee had so far diminished, that the existence of a fracture through the head of the tibia could be clearly demonstrated, but the contour of the right knee was still much obscured by effusion, and there was marked and a half of dark, fluid blood removed, but without much alteration in the outward appearance of the joint (30).

The vomiting that occurs in consequence of dilatation of the stomach is, as a rule, characteristic enough: large quantities are voided pale in appearance, not unlike barm, frothy, and microscopically showing torulse and sarcinse; the filtrate almost always shows the presence of free hydrochloric acid and albumoses. He tells as that, among upwards of forty amputations Iperformed upon the old system, which had come under his notice, ten died of tetanus, two of bleeding, three frorn mortification, four from exhausting suppuration; while eighteen experienced haemorrhage, and nearly all had excessive fever. Pristiq - the cultivation of this micrococcus was carried on a potato to the seventh generation; and the experiment was several times repeated, and carried on through several generations, there being apparently no limit to the number. Fothergill, of Brighton, warned the medical profession to be careful, as otherwise they would be jockeyed into a scheme as they had been jockeyed into the insurance business. Those who witness a prize fight soon observe that the whole audience, and particularly the votaries of the manly art, actually participate in the fight. Slie was afterwards taken to the hospital, where she had some typhoid symptoms, but finally became convalescent." Dr. The principal factors to remember are the gonococcus, Micrococcus catarrhalis, and the Bacillus coli. If it is affirmed that anaesthetics obviate all danger of increasing the shock, I am prepared to contest the point. The advantages of the AiHerican hospitals consist in the facility of their erection, in the convenience of their position, in the easiness of ventilation, and in their general convenience. Some have observed miliary carcinomatosis of the peripheral nerves. We are now able to make our own laboratory glassware of a quality superior to that of Germany or Austria. That before, life did not seem worth living; the pain was gone, and even her children noticed a change.


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