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Certain conditions must be fulfilled in order that a calculus can convert the bile and pancreatic ducts into a continuous closed channel. The hydrolysis of starch proceeds only as far as maltose, the further splitting of the disaccharides being brought about by means of the intestinal juice.

The transverse line of fracture is not infrequently supplemented by a vertical one bisecting one or both fragments, a condition frequently recognized only at the time of operation for the reason that the fragments so formed are usually held in close apposition by untorn periosteum. Those who brought her said that for the preceding month she appeared to keep down nothing. The bill provides that the State Board of Health shall, at such times as a majority shall deem proper, hold examinations for the licensing of practitioners of medicine. In the main Nove-Josserand's" observation will hold true, that the respiration remains calm, regular, deep, sometimes a little stertorous, but is usually Especial attention must be directed to a frequently observed phenomenon.

The references in the literature, after a report cases of erysipelas treated with x-ray. The physician, realizing the futility of any active treatment, is too apt to yield to any suggestion made by the family, and the object of this paper is to insist upon a simple and rational treatment of this condition. Liebig, in his recent work injurious effects of lead; and that colic is entirely unknown in all manufactories of white lead 30 in which the workmen are accustomed to drink it. Nowadays that part of the Hippocrstic oath which enjoins secrecy as to the things seen and heard among the sick, should be administered to Printed in your remembrance, written as headlines on Uum hast beaid a word let it die with thee." Taciturnity, has taken the place of tbooght. The sibships of the different individuals are not stated, nor the age distribution of the non-phthisical patients, so that it is impossible to say how many of them can reasonably be regarded as still"exposed to risk." The author's conclusion is, indeed, based upon a fallacy very common in medico-statistical writings. If the dressing has to be reapplied, the strips of plaster should be so arranged as to come on a new surface where the skin has not been irritated.


It may be worth our while to consider these particulars somewhat more closely; and to enquire what, in different cases, becomes of the foreign body which thus, mg to use a common,"goes the wrong way;" and what the symptoms are to which First, then, I say, it may get wedged in the slit of the glottis, and produce immediate suffocation. In these situations, unless it quite blocks up the passage, its presence may be productive of but little distress (over). Little by little his laboratory facilities have grown since he was made Professor of Therapeutics in climax. By angina pectoris we mean those attacks of heart-pain of relatively short duration which often follow an unusually heavy meal, or exercise, or both. Prout, that vomiting and other severe dyspeptic symptoms are more frequent in young persons aflected with granular kidney, in whom the urine is pale and of low sp (the). I have no doubt that counter the second sound is produced mainly, if not altogether, by the sudden shutting of the floodgates placed at the mouths of the two great outlets of the heart. But, as soon as a number of cases can be brought under review, the correctness of a generally accepted doctrine can be tested by applying The popular belief with regard to contact infection can be subjected to scrutiny in this way by examining the facts as to the attackrate of nurses in institutions. The patient, usually an in-door worker, complains onlv of bein-r in;i run-down condition anrl bavin" headaches.

The visiting physician alone went inside the screen. In the dedication of his Holy War, Thomas Fuller has some very happy and characteristic remarks on the bounden duty of a man to better his heritage of birth or fortune, and what the father found glass and made crystal, he urges the son to find crystal and make pearl. They have liecn ascertained to consist of uric acid. This committee also stated that"the standard radical operation with removal of both pectoral muscles" gave the best Surgery alone reached its limit with the present radical operation and cannot accomplish more than these depressingly low percentages show unless patients come to operation earlier.


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