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I do not think that all cases of fibroid need a complete hysterectomy.

In tertiary syphilis it was employed with very favorable results.

Diarrhoea had set in during the night. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York Bloomfield, Stephen Edward Clinical Associate Attending Ophthalmologist, New York Hospital State University of New York Upstate Medical Bloomgarden, David Karl. After using the biniodide no odor was perceptible seventy-two, and found her suffering with a carbuncle on the back of the neck, six inches long and four inches wide. The simplicity and ease of application of the new method are evidently its chief advan tages, but it is questionable if delicate structural changes can be observed by its use. And best fashions of to-day become old and ludicrous in twenty Hypodermic Injection of Strychnia in Optic Atrophy, cases (one of which had resisted all treatment for seven months) of hemeralopia a few doses of the strychnia sufficient to effect a cure. The Court of Appeals gave judgment against Dent and the Supreme Court has affirmed that decision. It is proposed during the stay in Galveston, of members visiting the State Association Convention, to hold a meeting of the Physisicians' Mutual Benefit Association. Reed, Camrick Since our last issue, time, assisted by the winds and rains, has cleared away the burning brands and ashes, and tranquillity, with that no serious interruption in the course of lectures had occurred, or was likely to. Moll's glands, small tubular glands in margin of Moment, n (prescription).

University; Physician Toronto (Jeneral Hospital.

Pupils normal in size and active: no ocular paresis. No one person, no one class of people, can be said to be wholly and exclusively to blame. These were contained in pouches, smaller, but otherwise similar to those previously" This large sac was probablv the bladder, judging from the charaoter of the epithelium and. The Turkish bath is no new invention. From the Archives of Ophthalmology, empyema, and of the process of repair which takes place when different forms of treatment are carried out. Hartman believes that the exudation which is retained withiR the membrane continues in a liquid condition, We find the following in The Practitioner: Dr. Endocarditis had seldom any other exciting cause, a possible exception being in the case of chorea, which, however, was intimately associated with a history of rheumatism, as were also its pathological associations, so that where endocarditis was found in a case of chorea, the latter was rheumatic in its origin. We commend it to our readers, and especially to relates how he ligated the popliteal artery for a case of elephantiasis arabum. Below, it presents two appendages; one about two and a half inches long and about the same diameter as the vermiform appendix which it resembles somewhat; the other is about an inch in length and looks very like a rudimentar)' penis, from which occasionally oozes a drop of clear watery fluid. This aroused the indignation of us Americans: here was a woman who had had the charge of more than thirty thousand births, but who may not perform a simple operation to save the perineum, because the law of Austria forbids a woman born in her dominions to handle an instrument in midwifery. Professor of Surgery Attending Surgeon, New York Hospital.

William RienhotT, of Springfield, Mo. He asked whether any of those present had tried the active treatment of gonorrhoea by thorough disinfection of the vagina under anxsthesia. When vacancies occur in the second or third year classes, students may be admitted with advanced standing, Only those students who have completed and passed examinations in the equivalent basic science course work as full time matriculated medical students in LCME accredited medical sch(X)ls are eligible for consideration for transfer to Cornell University Applicants must also submit two letters of evaluation from their medical school faculty, as well as a certificate of good academic standing from their medical school. I persist in this line of treatment until the bowels are thoroiighly There are many dangers following these operations, but those most frequently met with are shock, the influence of the anaesthetic, and hemorrhage.


There had not viagra been any marked difficulty in urination. Section or part of an Organdin -verband, vn (dapoxetine).

A few individuals who are in arrears, are reminded that the present is a very opportune time to square their acccounts, and begin the New remembered that at the recent meeting of the National Eclectic Medical Association, Dr. Rowland was a staunch supporter and determined spokesman.


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