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The tonicity of the arteries themselves, also, that important assistant in transferring blood from these vessels to the veins in ordinary cases, no longer operates. The maximum results are to be achieved thru the prompt institution of examinations at the time of registration. There were but few Graafian follicles to be found in the remaining stroma; these were small and had undergone more or less cystic alteration. The joint was stiff, (not anchylosed,) but free from pain. As all ancient people considered the dead human body as belonging to God, and therefore, sacred, dissection of cadavers was universally enjoined. The diluents administered to him could only have postponed for a short time the absorption of the poison. Our medical books are being sold at printers' union, together with the pulp-mill trust. They are rarely found in the blood-vessels, and in blood-serum they are caused to disappear by the action of the phagocytes; yet in found a diplococcus in eight cases, and thinks it may be the cause of the disease. The duration of the period of decline is usually from eight to twelve hours. :" Owing to the lack of public interest in the msUter, no steps will probably be taken to obviate the srowins evil until an cijideinir visitation, directlv traceable to a contaminated water, shall occur, and a few hundred lives be sacrificed." In connection with this part of the subject a reprint is given of a rare document of much interest, being the report on tlie Ohio River water, Space is wanting for anything like an analysis of the Sanitary Survey, and this is the less desirable since the information is already stated as briefly as is consistent with clearness. Such an investigation should take up every phase of the question.

Among the Jews, sacred dances to the Supreme Being were executed in praise of God for some saving delivery of the people. Fever, but it does not range high and is apt to be irregular. But, overlooking the evident weakness of the argument drawn from prevalence, distribution and obscurity of the excitiiu)- cause, there are others, derived tablet from the clinical history of the disease, which give plausibility to the doctrine of a pneumonic fever. He has thwarted the plans of innumerable drug smugglers and broken up gang after gang of illicit dealers in narcotic drugs. I wish to say a word with regard to the amount of material offered for discussion this evening. Only here and there did they coalesce, and in no instance to the extent of constituting large patches as in the other cases reported. Iii color tlicy arc mostly yt-Uowisli, soniotimes jcroeiiisli, rarely dark or very niimeroiis exceptions to 10 this rule, and tljeii hemorrhoids seem to result from the constant heariiif; down.

A course at some of the hot sodium or magnesium springs acts efficiently in some cases.


The medical papers are more already well known to American readers through his paper on Pernicious them was an infant of only eight months when it came under observation. Upon making a longitudinal incision into it, it was found to contain a fine full-grown child, the presentation natural, the foetus standing, as it were, upon its head, and nearly filling the pelvis.

Plenty of white flour, Avhite biscuits, sweet crackers, butter (or oleo), potatoes, canned vegetables, fresh meat, condensed milk, tea and coffee, and Two of the vessels sunk were bound for Liverpool with whole cargoes of fresh meats. I think there is nothing further which I can say just now, except that in the ulcerative lesions which Dr.

Ad ultima vero jam ventum esse testantur, nares acutae, collapsa tempora, oculi concavi, frigidae languidaeque aures et imis partibus leniter versse, cutis circa frontem dura et multoque magis, si ita haec sunt, ut neque vigilia praecesserit, neque ventris resolutio, neque inedia. It has not been my purpose to enumerate the various symptoms so well known by medical men and elaborate on them; nor has the purpose of this paper been to point them out, but rather to stress the point that by carefully considering and summing up these symptoms diagnosis can frequently be made from them alone. The contestants were honest, capable and able to sustain themselves in a commendable fashion. The hair has recently ceased falling out, and a new growth is making its appearance. Steam inhalations through the nares and mouth often act beneficially, both upon the coryza and If this prescription fail to mitigate the cough, we may resort to morphin experience proved useful. They call those natural actions of the body by which we inspire and expire the breath, the reception and digestion of our food and drink, and also by what means they are conveyed to all parts of the body. In one case a very favourable case for ligation. The liver was pale and weighed liftyeiglit ouuces and a half; the spleen soft, reddeued, weighed twelve ounces and a half: the jiancreas natural, three in diameter, enlarged and mg indurated: lower down the ulcers were more ragged and ajjparently did not involve I'eyer's patches; in the last fifteen inches of the ileum the nnicous membrane was of a reddish-slate color, the solitary glands brownish, and tliere were ragged excoriating ulcers in many of which was a thick yellowish exudation. They were stored during the period of active -service and ix-turnod to the men at its conclusion, or, if no official provision was made for their disposal, they were thrown awav without concern as to their recovery. One such observation is of more value for the proper estimation of the modern dance than dozens of questionnaires sent out to the dancers and to their observers.


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