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But we know further that, although the child may have been precocious, the insane manifestations in this form of mental disease rarely become evident till puberty, when the girl comes under the influence of the sexual stimuli. Acting upon this belief the Doctor lays comparatively little stress upon topical treatment.

They were manufactured out of a very porous kind of rubber sheeting, and they were cemented at their longitudinal margins. It is a masterpiece in every sense, one of the classics of medical literature, the kind of study and investigation which really promote true scientific progress, a relief from the dreariness of articles giving the life history of some newly discovered bacillus, or boastful reports of"my The editor of the Medical Examiner and Practitioner, commenting on the lecture, says:"At least ninety-nine in every hundred who have survived the operation ( for appendicitis ) ten years are plainly suiferers from some deeprcated derangement of all the processes of nutrition." Why cannot the numerous readers of the Recorder take up this important matter, investigate and report whether their experiences lead to the same conclusion? Atheist: a person who worships nothing but himself. A microscopic examination in each of these two cases of resection of the bladder showed the neoplasms to be epitheliomatous in character.

( me hundred thirty-five deaths have been reported from tetanus as resull of this year's Fourth of July celebration. It has its representative literary journals, and an array of special agents or missionaries, a respectable showing of institutions or metaphysical colleges, and a vast number of private establishments for the cure of every disease under the sun. We can readily recall quite a uumber of cases in which extreme suffering (dysmenorrhoea) was promptly relieved, not by operation, but by antikamnia tablets. There may be a slight watery discharge fairly early, but being without foetor it passes unnoticed or disregarded. But apart from this partially physical rx aspect there is the purely mental. They are Please remit by post office money order, express money order, bank draft or registered letter or if you can subscriptions paid a full year in advance. Ten days later Thabit returned, and was greeted with congratulations on the rapidity with which he had cured his patients.

Phytolacca for instance, is one of our best remedies, but to get he benefit of it, it is necessary to use a fluid preparation made from the fresh root. On the Avithdrawal of the plug a few days afterwards, a discharge of clear, watery fluid commenced, and continued for some days in large quantity. Healing is usually complete in about a fortnight. Like conditions had frequently been observed in bad periods in former years.

If there's one, try and find it; If there's none, never mind it. A keen sense of sadness fills our hearts that Dr. Owing, however, to the ease with which the iris can be seen, most of the signs are first apparent tn;e iritis.


Albuminuric Retinitis may be chnically divided marked. Efforts to maintain the cord elevated during a pain, hoping the presenting part will descend below its level and thus end the without difficulty, are similarly almost With a vertex presentation and an imperfectly dilated cervix the use of Champetier de Ribes' bag is ideal treatment. Heredity and environment have much to do with the stability of the nerves and the nervous system. He also worked with a surveyor for three brother, Dr. Patient suffered also from an occasional headache. Some have thought that this article has a special adaptation to cases of tuberculosis. As an illustration of the effect of leucoejrte extract on an acute and severe infection, not well adapted to surgical interference, the following case may be cited: of this condition following the introduction of a probe. He further observes, that this tendency to ulceration does not arise from the severity of the inflammatory action, for he has noticed it to occur in comparatively mild cases, and inasmuch as simple inflammation per se has no such tendency, the question arises, what is the essential and efficient cause of this rapid ulceration? He supplies an answer in the assertion, that none of the writers on dysentery, however admirable in other respects their works are acknowledged to be, have iiilorins us, that in the Madras Medical.loiirnal lor iKi.'J and endeavoured to substantiate h'la views, namely:" Tlint it is owing to the glands of the mucous membrane being particularly implicated iu the inHammatory action, that ulceration so rapidly and so readily occurs in the common form of dysentery." He further tells u?, that he is convinced of their entire correctness from repeated dissections, as well as communications from several of his medical friends in the Madras PresidcMicy. A brisk cathartic may avert apoplexy, and the old-fashioned method of bleeding is often justifiable.


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