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In the course of my own researches on this subject, ten years ago, after having ascertained these data to be perfectly correct, I made the remark, that the division of this nerve produced an increased activity of the circulation on the corresponding side, which grew warmer, and in certain animals (the paypal horse, for instance) was bathed with profuse perspiration; while, on galvanizing i s upper portion, the contrary effect was produced. The author (Julian) thinks that the wounded are hardly ever able to apply the first aid packet themselves; in one case because the wounded man has fallen unconscious, in another because the lesion is in the arm, in a third because it is in such a position that the patient cannot see it, and in a fourth because the discovery of the wound necessitates removal of blouse or trousers case of fracture or joint lesion. She is still subject to occasional severe headache and to sudden pain in the lower extremities, Her father (Aj) had married a member of dan B of the contemporary generation.

Two students had been employed in the infirmary shop to look after drugs and parcel out medicines; but this arrangement was found impracticable, owing to the culpable carelessness of the young men, and" the wretched, and shameful beyond description, condition of the shop." physician with a large practice could look after the young men in the infirmary shop. One of the primitive earths, which, from constituting the plastic principle of all clays, loams, and boles, was called argil, or argillaccous earth; but now, as being obtained in its greatest purity from alum, ig called alumina, or the sesqui-oxide of aluminium. Whatever may be thought of the pathology, the application is feasible and worth trying.

And hope that so useful an addition may be made in next year's edition. The Tetranychus Tlalsahuatc is the name given to another form known in Mexico, which gives rise in the same way to great irritation, which continues for days. Atalectasis is the most common, and in his experience cerebral; of preputial adhesions with a probe and retraction meet, is often in great excess. Kane, Alfred, Fort Wayne, Ind. Attention must also be called to a potent source of error which should always be borne in mind. Record for typhoid fever was established in the Borough of Alanhattan last year, according to the figures of the Department of Health.


George Chismore, of by Electricity; an Investigation, and at the age of Forty-two. We formerly attributed this result, as well as the increased activity of the renal and hepatic secretions after certain operations on the fourth ventricle, to an excitation of the motor nerves which spread to these glands; but our experiments on the nerves of organic life suggest a totally On indicting a wound on the spinal cord, in the upper part of the dorsal region, or merely dividing the sympathetic nerve itself, in this point, we meet with a sudden exaggeration of vascular phenomena, coinciding with an extraordinary activity of the secretion; and, in animals which perspire freely (the horse, for instance), the corresponding parts are bathed in sweat. It is authoritative and bears the imprint of individuality. A chapter on" The Uncertainty of Medicine" enjoins on those who make it their study to recollect that it is only by powers of close attention and observation that disease can be understood. The fact is the medical department had not broken down in any sense of the word. Physical examination revealed deficient resonance of right apex, with augmented cough resonance, and subcrepitant rales over a large space: with. Then the age is given as young, between fifteen and thirty, while in this case the patient was fifty-one years of age, and Dana's patient was even older, sixty-seven years. Lady ErroFs surgeon, Thomas Volume, a brother of James Volume, espoused his mistress's cause and marched with Prince Charlie. When we have a chronic abscess, discharging through a sinus and shortening the life of the patient by lardaceous degeneration of kidneys, liver, or spleen, or from general exhaustion, Estlander's operation of thorocoplasty should always be performed, although its field of usefulness is limited; but, if necessary, a sufficient number of ribs and a lung section of each should be made to permit the complete retraction of the divided ends of the ribs to the bottom of the cavity, thus closing it; otherwise a fistulous tract remains requiring a subsequent operation. He had great confidence in bichloride of mercury, used both internally and as a spray. It is also well known that many cases arc not rejiorted at all. Hysterical dcafiicss may occyr alone or d with pharyngeal spasm. Working plumbers and painters are particularly liable to lead-poisoning.


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