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Mg - in both there was abdominal pain with diffuse tenderness in the lower abdomen, a small tott pulse, an appearance of profound toxaemia, cyanosis and coldness of the limbs. The paternalism of the Boards of Health and other charitable efforts, as well as the decrease of infectious diseases, has limited the work of the medical profession and made the struggle for existence a much harder one.

Images - that would bo unfair for those who worked in different parts of the country. How would we physicians like to be our own lawyers, theologians, or artists in a manner cognate to that which we exact from our patients with whom we insist upon sharing our scientific attainments? The doctor has a perfect mania for talking shop and taking everybody into his confidence and the confidence of the whole profession. It sometimes ticuiar happens, however, that there is almost as much trouble, stances and as much pain, and as much danger after the birth of and dis- fairly said to be protracted into this secondary stage, which offers the following varieties of morbid affection: y Hgemorrhagica. This is observed in almost every case in the hind extremities, quite frequently in some of the facial nerves, especially the N. We are continually informed by our charitable societies and our boards of health of the pecuniary loss to the State of each child dying of preventable disease, or of each tubercular adult whose life and working power is prematurely ended. The first visible symptom is a pale-yellow, or reddish-yellow coloration of the mucous membranes, the intensity of which is proportionate to the severity of the affec tion. Hull, that the common ice-cream freezer is often an electric and chronic catarrh of the bladder which have been much benefitted by the use of salol in gramme doses in addition to the local treatment. Scarlet fever is taking on new aspects of late years, caused, doubtless, by changes in the manner of living and in natural conditions.

The disease terminated in recovery in the course Visceral gout is, in its ordinary course, manifested by similar nutritive disturbances as the articular variety; but unless the joints are likewise affected, the actual cause of the disturbances cannot be recognized during life. For the positive determination of gout in the living animal the microscopical or chemical demonstration of uric acid or of urates is absolutely necessary. Finally, however, such conditions will exert an injurious influence, the affected animals may no longer be able to feed properly, they lose flesh, become emaciated and finally die from exhaustion.

Beneficial effect, in a dilute solution externally; for which, Exormia PIMPXES VERT MINUTE; TUBERCULAR; CONFINED TO THE FACE; DISTINCT; MlLK-WHITB J HARD; GLABROUS; RESEMBLING MILLET-SEEDS. The practical outcome of my empirical experience is this, that the purgative treatment of peritonitis or threatening peritonitis, if it be promptly brought to bear on the case, will gain the all-important time, which will eventually turn the scale in favor of the St. Known that the cholera microbe does not flourish in acid solutions, it would be well to slightly acidulate the drinking water.

And how is this end to be attained except by improved methods of diagnosis at the very earliest stages? I hope that I may never again go every day to visit a threatening case, waiting bashfully for the authority of a clearly defined general peritonitis before I dare take action." Perhaps no sharper contrast could be drawn between"then and now" than is pictured A paper such as this must necessarily be more or less discursive, but the few incidents related and facts presented, will, I believe, disclose the existence of a firm and sure foundation for any claim to initiative which Brooklyn may make in the matter of appendicitis.

The mystery of English government had never been fathomed by alien races, and among alien races he inclndcd the Scots.

This leads us back to a genito-spinal center in the cord, vaso-motor, but as we have seen before, no nervous must be excited to action. This made me more positive in my diagnosis of hip joint disease, and just before applying the hip sjdint I determined to carefully examine the abscess, as I had not had an opportunity to do so before. In adult life these children make up a large part of our criminal classes.


All that is asked is that something positive be offered by those who find themselves unable to agree with the recommendations which are to be made; destructive criticism alone will not help those for whom help is sought. Failure to recognize present as pathological factors to be met by therapeutic measures misled the physician into the error that the withdrawal of the drug was all that was necessary to constitute a ( u re. In Hungary, the favorable results of the dog tax were apparent during the however, the disease again increased owing to the faulty enforcement of the tax law and to the fact that it had not been made obligatory in all communities. As long since as the beginning of the last century this disease was considered as contagious in several mountainous regions of England (Lawrence, Skellet), and since then other authors (ZiindeU St. A whole page U given up 10 to a quotutiou from Cicero:"Brevity, indeed, ujxm home occasions is real excellence"; and wo cunfeHS We did not perceive the jest until we had read a few of the eighty unnece.vsary pages that follow. Penetrating wounds of the ciliary region in the majority of cases lead to loss of sight.


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