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Again, it seemed possible that the aneurism of the subclavian might have taken this extraordinary direction into the chest, and under that idea considerable exertion was made to get beyond it, and reach a healthy part of the artery, nearer to the aorta, in order to throw a ligature round it, but it was impossible; and after the most painful exertions during an hour and a quarter, the operation was of necessity abandoned, the wound dressed with a couple of sutures and adhesive plaster, and The progress of the case after this terrible operation is of a most singular kind, and contrary to all reasonable expectation. Cramps - it is thought, in some countries, that serpents know how to tickle the teats of cows, and that these animals enjoy this excitement, and allow themselves to be sucked by these reptiles. The anterior spinal artery is supplied by a rather small vessel, the artery of Ademkiewicz, arising at the level of a foramen from a left intercostal artery between the first lumbar and fifth thoracic vertebrae.


The Mstory of puqiura hsraorrhagica before the German Medical Society of this city at their regular meeting in well enough to attend a baseball game.

This being the case, how can the action of these nerves on all the fibres be explained? They cannot be the direct cause of the muscular contraction, but must act reviews in producing it through to us to be, we will now endeavour briefly to show. Judging from a considerable experience among this class of patients in large cities, I believe I do not exaggerate when I say that I think them the most unfortunate of the unfortunate, and as long as they live in densely crowded tenement houses they not only reinfect themselves constantly but form veritable centres of infection That our present hospital facilities do not suffice, when the majority of hospitals supported by private charity refuse admittance to consumptives, is too well known to need any further argument, and that most of our general municipal hospitals are ill adapted to carry out successfully the proper treatment of consumptives, all those The statistics I gathered for my work on tuberculosis show that, in England, where hospitals for the exclusive treatment of consumptives have been in operation for many years, the mortality from tuberculosis has been In the face of such figures the utility of special hospitals for consumptives can hardly be disputed. Changes in refraction of childhood and adolescence are due to slow distention of the eyeball, caused either by strain of accommodation in an otherwise healthy eye or by physiological use of an eye weakened by local or Poor light in crowded schoolrooms is particularly productive of strain of accommodation, as was shown by Arlt, of Vienna, in an able monograph. But the people at large, however silent they may remain, are disposed to resent the present disposition to compel them by force of law to do what somebody else thinks is right and refrain from doing what somebody else thinks is wrong. First general tonic spasm, jaws firmly set, and he began vomiting large quantities of fluid smelling strong of alcohol. I know of a man who put in a hundred cans of shoe blacking, despite the fact that he was in a farming town where if the whole community bought their blacking from him he wouldn't be able to sell that amount in two years. Harris, Baltimore, treas were not habit-forming drugs and should not come within the A communication to the association from Jacob H.

Several studies suggest an increased risk of congenital malformations associated with benzodiazepine use during the first trimester.

If it is below the blaze, the eye before which it is placed has a deviation upward or hyperphoria, and the prism before this eye with base down, which brings the streak through the blaze, measures the amount. A great amount of laboratory work has been done with the serums, tosines, and antitoxines, and in bacteriology and chemistry, which will apparently crystallize into more definite knowledge in a comparatively'short time. Iritu us liquors, and occupation rendered it necessary; thai the labour is so severe that he was obliged to drink a great deal, and that he was obliged the purchase of drink. Aggressive management would include monitoring with either a pulmonary artery or central venous pressure catheter, an arterial line, and a Foley catheter. Furthermore, if any legislation is to be attempted, let it be to stop this pretentious and deluding practice only those are qualified who possess a good knowledge of medicine, first, and such equipment, afterward, as is acquired by prolonged study and practice in ophthalmic Let lis make no compromise with" refracting" opticians by granting them the privilege of indulging in their mischievous practice on persons over a certain age. " It is difficult to account for the bruit in valvular disease, yet it is not unfrequently found in cases where the valves are perfectly healthy, and in which no organic disease'of the heart or arteries can be detected, either during life or on the most minute investigation after death. Degree who could show that they had faithfully pursued their medical studies for a certain number of years since graduation, and had made material advancement in their scientific attainments, and that degree could be best called the Master of Medicine Degree.

It is necessary, however, to add the iodoform, well rubbed up in glycerine, to the mass alter it has cooled off in order to prevent the evaporation of the iodoform. This rare case exhibited simultaneous elevated CSF After initial tests yielded conflicting data, chemonucleolysis has proven to be an effective alternative to Address all correspondence to the Associate Editors: Jack D.

The inflammation may occur in small areas on the penile portion of the urethra, or between the layers of the triangular ligament behind the bulb. Serum amylase and lipase values are abnormal in pancreatic carcinoma are diagnosed as having diabetes mellitus or abnormal carbohydrate tolerance within the two year period antedating the diagnosis per cent of patients. David L., Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Surgeon General, president of the examining board, at such time as they may be requii-ed for examination for report in person to the president of the examining board appointed to meet at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for examination for promotion. May be prepared according to either of the following methods.


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