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What was formerly considered to be an early diagnosis is now known to be a far-advanced spray condition. I believe, of carcinoma of the lower end of the esophagus. Condiments, while a useful adjunct in moderate amounts to most persons' diet, are often abused into becoming a cause of indigestion. Professor Saundby pays a warm tribute to the memoiy of Dr. Many a man, in attempting to cheat his doctor out of a fee, has cheated himself out of his life; ay, The safest mode of a cold bath buy is a plunge into a river; the safest lime is instantly after getting up. To explain further: When one says"perception" he merely expresses in a word the functioning of certain neuro-muscular, neuro-glandular and nervous units or systems.

In the others there was no single pyloric vein. The heat is clearly due to increased tissue activity and, therefore, increased oxidation; the redness to hyperemia; the swelling, to engorgements and exudation of the blood; and the impaired function to interference with normal tissue activity It is important that the student understand what the possible terminations of an inflammation may be; and what the factors are which affect regeneration and resolution, as in a recovered garget; or degeneration and necrosis, as in abscess or gangrene of an inflamed udder; or which lead to new growth, as in a big foot following wire cut. The reduction or melting away of this deficit under digitalis therapy is a good guide in treatment. These compound cysts are generally spoken of as multilocular cysts. But the greatest value of the sign-language to the deaf, when the whole period of their lives is taken into account, is to be found in the facility it afEords for free and unconstrained social intercourse.

Hence it follows, that the conftitutions moft liable to convulfion, are thofe which moft readily become torpid in fome part of the fjftem, that is, which poffefs lefs irritability; and that thofe moft liable to infanity, are fuch as have excefs of fenfibility; and laftly, that thefe two circumftances generally exift in the fame conftitution; as explain why epilepfy and infanity frequently fucceed or reciprocate with each other, and why inirritable habits, as fcrophulous ones, are liable to infanity, of which I have known fome inftances. Undoubtedly, there are many rural communities suffering from lack of physicians, in northern New York, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Some of the most heart-rending appeals I have ever noticed were for water, watei! I have seen the patient, with deathly eagerness, mouthe the finger-ends of the nurse, for the sake of the drop or two of cold water canada there, while washing the face. These serious risks are best avoided by employing the following measures: The patient should be placed in a horizontal position and the clothing well loosened about the throat and chest.


Beddoes; as this purer air invigorates the circulation, and the whole fyftem in confequence, perhaps not only by its ftinlulus, but by its fupplying the material from which the fenforial power is extrafted or fabricated. He removes his hat and retin- clad as he left the s to trcc t, shoes and all. To aid him in his undertaking his Lordship was granted, on the recommendation of the Governor and the Intendant, a sum of At a later date further aid was granted, as is testified to by the following translation of an extract from a memorial of the King of France to the Governor and Intendant of Bishop of Quebec that extraordinary expenses had been incurred by this hospital (the THopital General) during the last few years, and that he had built a house for the insane and weak-minded people of both sexes, His Majesty wishes to give to the hospital some sign of his zeal for the relief of which shall be entered, from the beginning of this year, on the charge sheets to be paid in the colony by the domaine of this gift the Sieurs de Vaudreuil and Begon engage that the Bishop of Quebec, and the other governors and directors of the hospital, shall receive disabled soldiers of the troops of the colony. This condition is aggravated by V. Heat acts in the same way; it may not act definitively by destroying the substance, but the behavior of the serum is modified profoundly at the start, as will be seen in Table V. Three cases of acute poliomyelitis in adults have been seen by one of us (E. This is fo well known to fifhermen, that they put it in pradice, in order to make them longer fufceptible of the operation called crimping. It is well to "where" recognize clearly that a parasitic theory, or a metabolic one, are not in the least incompatible with the.theory of belated embryonic cells. The following are typical disorders which the stockman should understand in a general way. The most valuable and careful work that is being done throughout the state in educating the people how to prevent infection from tuberculosis cannot be too highly endorsed, and it is the duty of every physician to further the cause in every way possible.

Thus, in cystitis Edlefsen'" found that it ameliorated the dysuria, restored the acid reaction of the urine, and arrested the purulent discharge, in doses of ten drops given five times daily.


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