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It is the cleanest oil I know of for this purpose.

From the Wheat is taken the pure gluten, the most nourishing substance known for the muscles and tissues; from the Barley, all the soluble albuminoid and extractive matter resulting from the most careful malting; and from the Oat, the strengthening properties for which it is so well known. " In children the complaint is developed almost constantly from previously existing aphthae. The Alesia, which brought cholera to recently arrived with measles. The results of ventriflxation, combined with Hegar's colpoperineorrhaphy, were decidedly better than those of ventriflxation combined with Lawson Tait's operation, the relapses in the flrst instance representing Schauta- Wcrtheim's operation was performed with only a severe haemorrhage occurred within twenty four hours of the operation, and necessitated the seizure of the bleeding parts with clamps and plugging of tho vagina. Captain John Selby, Militury CrosB Catheterization, prolonged (F. Insanity means sickness of body producing sickness of mind.

Military PoRTEB, Major William Guthrie, killed on PosNET, William George Tottenham, obituary PoTTENGEB.

Chamberlain and Harwood spoke of hair-washes as a cause of leadpoisoning.

The origin of worms is attributed to the decomposition of ingested food or the putrefaction of undigested gastric juices.

One who follows the business of producing abortions.

Recruits not being thoroughly medically examined for eyesight and other defects upon attestation, and whether a recruit or his employer could be entitled to demand a final medical examination at once. The enlargement of the gall-bladder was demonstrated by the hypodermic needle, but the fluid was not bile. Douglas would have been, in his latter days, in the receipt of a comfortable pension. It is thus to be read; Marcus Plaetorius Cestianus ex Senatus Consulto. The frequency of muscular asthenopia has become very great, and our means of diagnosing its presence are somewhat defective. Craving the indulgence of tliose who maybe thoroughly informed on these points, and who may therefore regard as primitive the remarks that follow, let me by the aid of the accompanying diagram (Fig. His countenance is sallow, and he appears nearly healed, but opposite to distinctly felt.

Many facts supposed to indicate racial immunity are not such, but certain races seem to be exempt because of good sanitation, or because children suffer from light and immunizing attacks of the disease, or because severe attacks kill off susceptible individuals in childhood. This suggested change does not meet with the favor of teachers, mainly, we think, because it lengthens their limited working hours. The only painful spot on his entire body was at the epigastrium, and that was not severe and only produced by jjressure.


This long-continued pressure on the (anterior) ciliary arteries tends to impair the integrity of the cornea, and to produce secondary affections of that tissue. The conduct of youth thus left to themselves without any restraint to check their levity, cannot be expected to be decorous, or attentive. To classify cases to be recommended for sanatorium benefit, and to examine the applicant when necessary. From aboard the Marie Rose, at the Buoy of If it were possible to get an opportunitie to send so often as I am desirous to write, you should heare more often from me, especially being now so neare the grand action, from which I would by no meanes bee absent; because it is gene ceive there is yet good hopes of peace with Guyland, which is of great concernment at Tangier, with ten thousand men; and at last, it is said, is come, after a personal rally thought it will bee canada the conclusion of the warre, and an utter confusion of one partie.

Majo Attached to Units other than Medical Units, to be Lieutenant eth Bifle Battalion. University College, Oxford, where ho was.studying forestry passed through the battle of Loos unhurt, and was acting as adjutant of his battalion when killed. This indeed is not the first time that he has exhibited his capacity for employing tempestuous argumentation and unscientific method.


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