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For a time it was quite a fad for respectable young ladies to have the initials of thm Jiances tattooed upon the instep or some other equally inconspicuous place; but the disadvantages accompanying this custom when a match was" broken off" became so apparent that the custom was discontinued. Neither Graefe nor anybody else would have called it anything but a case, exaggerated if you will, of insufficiency of the extemi. Portions of the liver in rabbits, and the animals lived with apparently undisturbed hepatic functions. Increased heat of the body, cold during the attack, has been sometimes observed after death. This difficulty has been present to the minds of other writers, and Schulz has emphasized the fact that the infection in lympho-sarcoma is not to be viewed as a metastasis in the usual sense, but to be regarded as the result of a virus diffused through the body, followmg an affection of the lymph" From whatever side this affection is viewed, whether from its chnical history or its pathological anatomy (the latter being taken to include the histological structure, the alteration in the tissues produced by its presence, its mode of extension from one place to another, in the first instance from lymph glands to lymph glands, and then from the latter to other organs), we are met with the necessity of regarding it not so much in the light of a true tumor as of an infectious disease due following subjects will be discussed: I. The extent to which the spinal cord is capable of carrying out coordinated neuromuscular activity, when isolated from the higher centers of the brain is a matter of great interest. When they appear to heal, a lotion of nitrate of silver, two grains to the ounce, applied on a piece of lint of the size of the sore, much assists the healing. Then cold was said to be a cause; but who had not had a cold? And because a man got a cold, did he get albuminuria? He thought such statements too vague. I as well as others have observed elongation of the bones of certain birds upon whom experiments had been made, and also, as has been stated above, in mammals. Its action was feeble, and its sounds, which were all but completely existed, with which it is unnecessary to occupy the time of the Society, with one exception, and that had reference to a phenomenon which, in Dr.


The nervous system is in variola comparatively often and after a manifold fashion the seat of complications and sequela;; the occurrences observed are, from a clinical standpoint, especially interesting. A man armtted with tadapox difficult refpiration on lying down, with very irregular pulfe, znd cedematous legs, whom I faw this day, has for above a week been much relieved in refpect to all thofe fymntoms by the acceiiion of infanity, which is (hewn by inordinate fulpicion, and great anger. The appearance of the pharynx is by no means characteristic, and scarcely to be differentiated from other varieties of severe sore throat. You may now perhaps gently press the cranium with your finger, and feel whether it is resistant or easily compressed, or whether you find any softish spots here and there. But the pressure is apparently at its best in the normal heart, as there the inner surface of the cavity of the heart is subjected to the great pressure coming from the opposite waU; this corresponds to the old known experience that stimuli which are applied on the inner surface of the heart are most After the preceding statements, my theory of the mechanism of the heart may be briefly presented as follows: There are within the heart two opposing functions, for inhibition and for contraction. It is classified by Emminghaus (" Die psychischen Storungen im Kindesalter") among the anomalies of instinctive feelings. Heywood Smith for brioging forward this nnfavorable case. And doubtless, at the same time, some pain too.

This treatment will vary, of course, according to the condition of the membrane and to the views of cavities should be thoroughly cleansed once or twice daily with a non-irritating solution.

The great circumference of the head had increased only half a centimetre; the naso-occipital circumference had increased nearly two centimetres. In scarlatina, chronic nephritis may result, or urjemia may set in early and cause death. These facts would at first sight seem to indicate that the pituitary and the thyroid can act vicariously, but this is very doubtful, for it has not been found that pituitary extract has any beneficial effect in the treatment of goiter and myxedema. Gosselin's assertion is correct there can be little doubt, and the following case shows that disease of the vesiculse may be readily detected by rectal examination. First, has oppression in chest and dyspnoea. Where futile attempts at catheterism had been followed by supra-pubic aspiration and the urine thus drawn off without coming in contact with the injured i)art of the urethra, he had never known rigors or fever follow, even where the amount of injury to the urethra had been considerable. Children under ten show a high mortality, and it becomes higher the younger they are. Same time affect the epididymis.


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